Wednesday, August 26, 2015


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“Everything happens for a reason… and ever person comes in our life for a reason… That, every problem, eventually, gets solved and every enemy, eventually, relents… That, there ‘is’ a way even though I cannot see it, now… That, there is a valuable lesson in every hardship I endure… That, tough times make me tough…”

Let me tell you this: Telling all this comes easily to me when it comes to telling others. “Don’t worry, be happy… everything will be alright.”

But, when it comes to telling it to myself, the same words do not come to me so easily!

Two days ago, I was with a small group of my friends. They have been harassed by another group of persons for a long period of time… Several efforts have been made by several people to prevail upon the harassing group… but, in vain. The harassment continues, and it seems as though there are no options left… there is no way ahead… it is a dead end!

So, two days ago, when I was telling this harassed group of friends, “Hang on, every enemy, eventually, relents,” did I really mean it?

Would I have said the same thing to myself, had I been in their place?

Do enemies really relent, eventually?

History says, “Yes, they do.”

It may sound so strange - even mystical – when I mention this here. After my meeting with this tortured group of my friends, when I came to my office and logged on to my computer, I saw in my inbox two simple lines from a popular hymn:

‘God makes a way,
even when it seems there is no way.’

I went silent for a moment…. How timely it had arrived… How badly I needed to hear it… How reassuring!

I, instantly, replied to my cousin, Mavis, and her husband, Calvin (who had never ever in-boxed me such a message before):

“Very, very reassuring dear Mavis and Calvin. Thanks a lot. Love.”

The more I penetrate on this, the more I become convinced… that, in life, patience and trust are our greatest shields… If we harness in our soul enough trust in the goodness of life and if we store in our souls loads of patience… I have no reason to go cynical about this world… or its people and problems…

All will be well and all will have to wait for its own time… the divine time, not my time…

Endurance is the weapon of the brave… I know this as clearly as I know my name!

No enemy, no tormentor, no despot has ever lived long enough to destroy the goodness of life…

Yes, there had to a Kamsa for Krishna’s story to be complete, and there had to be a Herod for Christ’s story to be complete…

Therefore, who am I to say ‘no’ to my own tormentor?

“Everything happens for a reason… and every person comes in my life for a reason,” yes, telling this is easy when it comes to telling it to others and not easy when it comes to telling it to myself… I know, I know…

But, I am telling it to myself, now!


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Ashish Srivastava said...

Your words as always have been so encouraging and motivating!
I can fully relate!
I know,,,God will make way!!