Friday, June 3, 2016


Pic.: Shreeshay Patel

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           - by SHYAMALA ACHARYA
                Former lecturer/Mentor/Home-maker

        Confidence is a state of one’s mind. When we do something we love, we do not experience any fear or hesitation in doing it. This is exactly what I do… and, this is exactly what makes me confident.

         Being a housewife, I do everything any housewife does or would do. But, along with all this, I am a housewife with a difference - 'A home-maker' and an active member of Chinmaya Mission (my extended home). I am very proud to say, that this mission has given and made me what I am today. My strength, my confidence, my self-esteem… all these are a blessing bestowed upon me by the Chinmaya Mission and my Aunt, Nirmala, who introduced me and many others, like me, to it. 

        I conduct weekly classes for children, youth, mothers, theme-based summer camps for children. Hobby classes for children and parents. Train up teachers, all over the country, to conduct these classes for the Chinmaya Mission. Very often, people ask me, “Where do you find so much time? We are not able to finish our housework, forget all these.”

        All I say is, “Learn to manage your time.” This, too, I learnt in the Chinmaya Mission. All this taught me to be confident; and, because I am confident, I can go ahead… and, it makes me more confident.

         I am, also, a proud mother of two strong, confident and very talented young-children. It’s not that I am blowing my own trumpet… but, it’s the joy of a mother who feels full when she sees her children grow up, so beautifully! 

         All of us have our strengths and weaknesses. At the end of the day, it is for us to know our strengths and weaknesses. I have done that… and am aware of my strong and weak points. Hence, I have learnt to play with my strengths and fight my weaknesses.

        “Having confidence in self, move ahead… and the goal shall be thine!” This is what great Masters have, always told us. This is exactly what makes me a very strong and confident ‘home-maker… a housewife with a difference’! 

(P.S.: These are the write-ups by successful individuals/professionals/ impromptu speeches made by our on-going PD-course students on the topic: ‘WHAT MAKES ME CONFIDENT’. I shall be sharing them here on my blog for some days, and they will be published in a book by the same title on 12th June, 2016, the day of the certification.)


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