Thursday, June 2, 2016


Pic.: Anima D'Cunha

Age 17

At this juncture of my life, where most go weak at their knees, I stand up confident. I have almost zero regrets, because every time I had to decide, I was sure I was right. It was all because confidence was one of my virtues in every escapade I undertook.

What really makes me confident is not just one thing, it’s a combination…

Firstly, when I find myself being right most of the times, it boosts my confidence. However, when I err, I don’t feel negative and I take it as a challenge that compels me to try my best to be precise in my following attempts.

Next, I don’t believe in comments or criticism that have no legitimate proof or are based on hatred towards me; I don’t worry about the reaction people would have towards me. When I know what I’m doing seems true to me, I don’t need to ask others…

Call it a class of ego if you may, I would still be proud of it.

There’s something called ‘peer pressure’ that seems to be so important to young people nowadays. But, I don’t see why we need to follow others and believe their judgment to be the absolute. I don’t lose confidence when someone, who is my senior in some course of life, tries to bring me down. We need to start caring less about what others would say, and care more about what we would say.

Being confident in speeches, acting, singing, or even taking tests, was never really that much of a challenge, once I realized, that the only ones I must impress are my parents, my teachers and, most importantly, myself.

The final touch comes when I love doing almost everything. And love for the endeavors empowers me to want to go all out every time. Give it everything, till the last of my ideas are used up…

Secretly, I hope they never do.

(P.S.: These are the write-ups/ impromptu speeches made by our on-going PD-course students on the topic: ‘WHAT MAKES ME CONFIDENT’. I shall be sharing them here on my blog for some days, and they will be published in a book by the same title on 12th June, 2016, the day of the certification.)


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