Friday, June 17, 2016


Pic.: Anima D'Cunha

“Sometimes I get so caught up in my own problems
that I forget how amazing the world is.” 

Some days ago, my dear friend, Ashish, shared with me a beautiful story, which he had read on social media.

In a distant land, there lived this man who was burdened by his problems… hundreds of them. So, one day, he travelled far to meet a well-known saint, with the hope of finding freedom from all his problems.

Scores of people had already lined up to meet the holy man; and, by the time our man’s turn came up, it was night. The saint said, “Friend, I am very tired. However, as you have come from a faraway place, I suggest you spend your night here. I will attend to your problems tomorrow morning.” The saint, then, added this, “Do me a small favour, my friend. I have hundreds of camels here. Before you go to sleep, ensure that all my camels go to sleep.”

The man agreed.

In the morning, the saint called in our man to discuss his problems. “My friend, how was your experience in the night?” the saint asked.

The man said, that he had a frustrating experience through the night. “Some camels went off to sleep early on their own… Some I cajoled to go to sleep… Some simply refused to lie down… making me more and more frustrated… And, as I was desperate to put them to sleep, the ones who had gone off to sleep would rise up… So, this way I couldn’t sleep at all… Finally, I gave up and went off to sleep… and, the camels, too, did!”

“My friend, you have found an answer to your question,” the saint smiled, “Life is like this… The camels represent our problems… hundreds of them. Yes, we should try to solve them… and many problems do get solved early with least effort on our part… Some get solved with our persistent effort… But, some, simply refuse to go… They are the ones which will get solved on their own, with passage of time… Still, remember, new problems keep raising their heads… The earlier we understand the truth, that there are some problems which we have to simply sleep over, the better for us… Those camels go to sleep, eventually, on their own… Let’s not ruin our sleep over them…”

Harivanshrai Bachchan again: “Jeevan hai toh sangharsh hai.”


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Aashish Srivastav said...

Absolutely wonderful presentation! Gerry you are awesome in your pen skills...putting it so beautifully! So simply yet so effective!! Jeevan hai to sang harsh to rahega true...only deads have no problems !!