Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Pic.: Alex D

“But smiles and tears are so alike with me,
neither of them confined to any particular feelings:
I, often, cry when I am happy, and smile when I am sad.”

― Anne Bronte

A couple of days ago, Mrs., Patel, sent me this message:
“Good morning sir. Shreeshay (son) had come 2nd in his college for drama monologue. And I give all the credit to you (The Dawn Club) as he got an opportunity to perform as a host and experience to organize such event. So, thank you for the grooming. I really appreciate your efforts .”

I quickly replied: 

“Hi ma'am, I am really glad and proud. Please convey my wishes to Shreeshay and would like to see him shine more. Love.”

The same evening, Jeet, who currently pursues his MBA, called me up. He said:

“Sir, I just felt strongly inside that I should thank you,”

‘Why, what happened, Jeet?” I enquired.  

“Sir, today, I had to lead the group presentation in our college,” Jeet beamed, “Our professor was highly impressed with my presentation, particularly my body language. I felt great and wanted to share my feelings with you, today.”

Well, I felt great too and said to Jeet, “Beta, I am glad. Keep it up and keep in touch.”

Such a small thing!

Exactly. A feeling like that comes in each one of us so many times along the day… and how many of us – including me - take a minute to express it before the other person?

I remember the times I have done that and how good I have felt after expressing my feelings to the other person. It could be a shirt, a tie or a cell-phone someone had gifted me days, months or years earlier. I have suddenly felt that surge of feeling within… a feeling of gratitude and fullness… of being worthy of wearing that shirt or using that cell-phone… and it has spurred me to convey my feelings to the other person.

The more I think about this ‘small thing’, the more I feel convinced that there is a direct link between this ‘small thing’ and our healthy self-esteem, our well-being.

This Post is just one more proof.


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