As I opened my mails, this morning, the first thing that caught my attention was a Forward message from some of my regular friends. It was regarding the current turmoil on Common Wealth Games. There were amazing pictures of the facilities at the Games Village, which, we never, ever saw on any news papers or Television channels all these months. So stunning some of them were, that,  initially, I thought I was watching some 'foriegn' stuff! Then, my eyes fell on this famous, old caption:

"If you want to kill a tree, don't cut it; just curse it!"

Many, many years ago, I had come across this saying... and, I had, instantly, liked it. There is an island -  I do not remember which one, probably, West Indies - where the tribals surround a tree and, together, keep cursing it hysterically. And, they go back to their huts. In a few days, the tree would be gone. Dead!

"Jesus Christ," I remember muttering in my mind, after reading this story, "we all do this, every day! We all kill relationships, organisations, families, and our nation, too."

It was a long time ago. I had forgotten about that, completely. And, now, this mail brought back to me the line. I am simply gripped by its power.

The other day, I argued with my young son, that even if CWG games happen now - no matter how successfully or grandly - what is the use? So much damage has been done to our collective reputation, that the people who are so busy, so hell-bent in 'exposing' the blatant corruption seem not at all keen to have a good game, but to prove they are right.

Let me tell you, they can never be. Never, ever. I bet.

Bofors brought the Congress government down. That's all. Congress is very much there, now,  at the Centre... and, the corruption as well. By the way, what happened to Bofors? Who ate the money? By the way, who remembers the entire murky, relentless anti-corruption campaign?

And, IPL? Lalit Mody? Next IPL, I won't be surprised, if you ask me - "Lalit Mody? Who?"

It is public memory. It is short... very, very short.

The Common Wealth Games will conclude soon. The Media guys will loose interest in both CWG and Kalmadi, their main villain. If you and I think the media has helped to reduce corruption, we are fools of the first order. We, the great gullibles, have only helped them sell more copies of their newspapers or boost their TRP's.

And, you know, we forget, some times, that this has been an old 'game' that has been played by the self-interested players, the Charlatans, at our expense. We think, the corruption will go. Sorry. Not until we all - Media included - stand near the 'Tree' and start wishing it well; yes, with all our honesty, with all our feelings.

The 'Tree', my friends, is our dear, dear Nation!



bhavnesh said…
excellent article sir...
If There is so much negetivity around a thing that everyone fails to see the positive side of it.
The spirit itself dies but i am inspire by ur thoughts and i certainly will look up at the common wealth games and ofcouse the proverb has enlightened my mind. thanks
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hi Bhavnesh,

Thanks for the prompt feedback.

You know, some things in life, we are able to connect instantly...

When I came across, today morning, this Forward message, and that old proverb, I was immediately inspired to write my post. So were you on reading my post.

In life, there is enough positive force to sustain goodness, our well-being. Finally, the good has to triumph over the evil.

A drunkard who I know, always keeps telling me 'Chor ko ek chor hamesha nazar atha hai.'

Forgive me for my Hindi. If corruption has to go, it has has to first go from me. And, let me confess, in spite of all the so called positive blog articles that I write daily and for years, that I am human... and I am not free from the sins of corruption.

So much for these Saviours...

Lord, save them!


Ashish said…
Dear Gerry
As you have pointed so rightly and such takes a lot of experience and understanding.
I have always believed that there has to be some good in all bad.
Even a dead watch is right twice a day!
many years ago in my management class,I learned that 'build on your strengths,forget to improve on your weaknesses'.
India has to show that its capable of hosting such a mega event and is also capable of handling the corruption.
see the irony SK is a egg on face and in the same govt,the head, Dr Manmohan singh has been declared as 'Statesmen of the world'!
So we have everything and I am sure all parts of world have it.
My mail to you on our world class stadiums was a tribute to the people who have toiled hard harder hardest to dish out the best!
Lets salute the efforts!
And I m sure tht doen the history will remember not mismanagement..not the corruption..
VOW! What a games had been!What hospitality! Thanks India...See u in OLYMPICS!!
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hey Ashish,

Your comment is not 'washed out', as you feared! Oh yes, it has washed away some of the muck!

Your statement - "There has to be some good in all bad" - this is the reflection of your true nature.

You keep saying this time and time again... and, that's how that reality menifests for you in your life.

Now, when you said, "Even a dead watch is right twice a day,"... to be honest, my 'time' stopped!

I had not thought of it for 52 years, Ashish!

They had dragged Mary Magdelene, the prostitute, to Christ. They wanted to stone her to death. Those cunning men also wanted to trap Jesus if he faultered.

So, with stones in their hands, and cuelty in their hearts, they asked him: "This woman is unclean, a sinner. The Old Law tells us to stone her to death... Tell us, what you want us to do."

The woman lay there on the sand, traumatised by these self-righteous men, unable to even look up... The cruel men were waiting to catch the Holy man on the wrong foot... And, the brief suspense had mad the atmosphere tense. Jesus quickly bent down, and scribbeled on the sand:
"The one amongst you, who has not sinned, be the first one to cast the stone."

The woman was left alone. She fell on the Holy man's feet and shed the most honest tears of her life... She begged him for mercy,for fogiveness... and, He helped her to stand up and said: "Woman, go... sin no more ."

There, certainly, has to be some good in all bad."

Thanks Ashish, for triggering off the good in me. The 'sinner'.



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