Friday, September 28, 2012


A very qualified young man , who had been well-employed for many years, lost his job a year ago. I met him yesterday, and I was surprised: he hasn’t still found another!

This young man is in his late thirties… Not married yet. Though lives in his parental house, he needs a job to run the house… I wondered as to how he could manage!

As I was talking to him, the young man gave me at least half-a-dozen reasons as to why he was not getting a job, now: the job market was bad; the Companies were down-sizing; they were not ready to pay what he was demanding; the previous Company bosses and colleagues were conspiring against him; the prospective employers were asking him to take up assignment at a place not of his choice; he wasn’t getting the job of his taste… timings; salary; people… etc., etc.

Fair enough. Still, for almost a year, a young, qualified man not getting a decent job under the Sun was not something that I was able to digest easily. Something was wrong the way this young, qualified and experienced man looked at himself, others and Life.

I was neither a professional adviser, nor was any advice solicited from me. On the contrary, for those fifteen minutes or so, I was given strong justifications as to why there were no jobs in the market… why there was something wrong, ‘there – outside’!

After the young man left, I began to think.  I was not convinced by his justifications – which, any way, would never ever help change the reality for him. I knew, there was something wrong, ‘here – inside his mind’! … Yes, the way he looked at himself, at others… and Life.

I wish to end this Post without getting into any ‘postmortem’ of this case… For now, I just want to leave you with the thought, which I have just presented. I will do it, once again:

“There was something wrong, 

‘here – inside his mind’! … 

Yes, the way he looked at himself, 

at others… and Life!”

And, to what I said thrice in this Post, may this ancient wisdom be added, too:

"All things in Life manifest twice:
Once, inside... and, once, outside!"


Pics.: Hariprasad


Lata Pawar said...

True sir, it is all in the mind. Good post. Lata

Prakash Hegde said...

The mind is the mirror. Prakash

Tripti Pillai said...

A fantastic article, just inspiring. Tripti

Anonymous said...

A good shake!! Inspiring.
- Nagesh

Minu Agarwal said...

A must read. Minu