Beyond a certain point, it is pointless to worry about our future.

In fact, ‘worry’ is the wrong word… Worry never helps.

So, beyond a certain point, it is pointless to be ‘concerned’ about our future!

All things are taken care of!

About twenty-five years ago, I did not have a fixed place to run my classes… I used to shuttle from one place to another – almost frantically – to keep my kitchen fire burning. Just some three years earlier, my ship had sunk… I was trying to put all those pieces together. Learning from my past mistakes, now, I was not in a hurry… I was treading cautiously. 

 But, I was happy the way 

things were going… 

though I had to keep running all day long 

in order to stay still, as they say. 

I knew my future would 

unfold on its own 

if I remained sincere to my heart.

One night, Uday, a student who had passed out two years earlier to that, appeared along with one of his friends. Uday wanted me to teach his friend for a few days before the TY exams… I was extremely busy at that point of time; and, so, I politely let them know my position. But, this freak encounter was destined to help me get back my foothold. The friend, who had come along, had a place; and, soon, we were destined to come together as partners… Some years later, I took over the premises from him. I am still there, at the very premises, which, had never existed in my mind, once!

Honestly, when Uday had come to meet me with a request to teach his friend, I was really not concerned about the thought: “How would I be able to find a place?”

But, the place came!

Yes, it was taken care of!

This morning, after twenty-five long years, Uday had come to see me, once again. This time around, he had brought along his teenager-son, who is in his eleventh standard. “Sir, you must teach my son,” was the request, “Do what you have done to me.”

I told Uday’s young son about the freak encounter, that night, a quarter century ago!  

Like me, Uday, too, hailed from a hand-to-mouth existence… A freak encounter with the same friend’s uncle was fated to make Uday’s future! He began to work for the gentleman as a sales representative… literally slogging like a donkey… There were times, he was unable to draw salary for months in row… and, still, Uday remained sincere to his commitment and, always hoped that the tide would turn in his favor. Just some years later, the gentleman had an untimely death, and Uday, who had owned the business expertise, was destined to become a business partner with the gentleman’s young son. And, now, there he was… Yes, as a fairly successful entrepreneur!

How much need you worry – sorry, be concerned – about your future?

I was taken care of even after my ship-wreck, over twenty-five years ago… 

I am still taken care of, now… yes, after all these years!

My student Uday, too…

His teenager-son, Karan, too, will be.


Pics.: Manoj Nair


Yana Trivedi said…
A very honest and motivating Post, Gerry. Thanks. Keep writing. Yana
Paul said…
Worry drains. Paul
Anonymous said…
Yes sir... rightly explained. Thank you. Vijay
vishaka kapoor said…
to know that we are taken care off is just re-assuring. calms me down. thanks.... vishaka
Uday Kamath said…
Gerry Sir,

As I was approaching your classes with my son Karan it brought back memories of 25 years ago.

If I recollect (correct me if I am wrong) the first time I met you was in Ramchandra Classes. What set you apart was besides being a good teacher you played the role of a friend and a mentor. Your struggle during those trying times was a inspiration to me. Like you I was pushed around and probably that is what made us fight. Honestly for me there was a pleasure in this struggle as I knew whatever I achieved was because of me and not because of any inheritance.

Sir, your words "Money should be the byproduct of your hard work" proved very right.

Sir, I am fortunate that Karan got this opportunity and you accepted him as your student. I sincerely hope, like me, Karan gets inspired and more than academics becomes fit for life.

I thank you Sir once again and wish you continue to inspire many more generations to come.

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