Friday, September 14, 2012


“I really do not care what you think about me.”

It means, I do care… What you think about me is really important to me. 

If so, why do I keep screaming, “I really do not care what you think about me”?

Well, that’s how we express our care and concern before those who matter for us in our lives. That’s our way of saying, “Honey, I love you”!

“Shut up!”

“Get lost!”

“Mind your own business!”

“Go to hell!”

“You idiot/moron/jerk…”

“Don’t teach me all that…”

“I don’t need your advice, okay?”

The juicy, spicy and hot-hot expletives have been kept off!

Basically, “Shut up” simply means, “Say something nice, dear.”

“Get lost” means, “Honey, be tender to me when your are with me.”

“Mind your own business" means, “Darling, I long for your appreciation… a little helping hand, perhaps.”

“Go to hell” simply means, “Sweetheart, how amazing it would have been had you spent some quiet time with me!”

“You idiot/moron/jerk…” all these colorful words only mean, “Hey darling, I am dying to see the lovely side of your heart!”

“Don’t teach me all that…” means, “Dear, I yearn to grow together with you.”

“I don’t need your advice, okay?” signifies only this: “Honey, how I wish you could help me along without being too judgmental or critical!”

And yes, every impressive expletive – 

ever sworn to anyone 

under the canopy of God’s sky – 

only means this: 

“Dear, it is not a big deal! 

Tomorrow is another day… 

And, that is just a hug away!”


So, I thought, today – on a day when everything looks typical, including my reactions and fine expletives – I thought I would remind myself about the deeper meaning of some of my favorite expressions of love.

“I really do not care a damn!”

Damn it…

“Honey, I do… I really do!”


Pics.: M.L.R.


Wasim said...

Damn it!!! It is a damn good Post, Honey!!! Keep Going!!!

Ruma Punit said...

Brilliant article. I could connect, sir. Thank you so much.. Ruma

Anonymous said...

We all do it. absolutely, not joking!