Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I heard someone saying, the other day, “Life is worth living, because, there are obstacles in it!”

“What?” I immediately heard others reacting. The others included me, too!

All our lives, we keep praying before Lord Ganesh – the Vigneshwara – to remove the obstacles from our path as we go along our lives. And, this man was telling us, “Hello, thank Lord Ganesh for placing the obstacles, in the first place!”

However we argue with our friend’s logic, we have no option but to buy it. Yes, he is right:

“Life is great – exciting – only because, we have to deal with and overcome our obstacles!”

As we celebrate from today this great festival of Lord Ganesh, I thought, I would ponder a little over our friend’s remarks.

Can Life be worth living, without the obstacles in it?

If  Ram or Krishna, if Christ or Gautama… yes, if divine souls like these… could not do away with problems when they came to live on this earth, how can we, the sheer mortals?

In fact, their lives are so eventful and inspiring only because they had to overcome obstacles of such magnitude.

Probably, we send more pleas to Lord Ganesh to ‘remove’ the obstacles in our lives than thank-you notes for ‘placing’ the obstacles in our lives. He is the same Lord responsible for both – for placing and removing our obstacles!

And, who else knows – what is good for us - better than He does?

As a Christian, I grew up praying to Jesus Christ to help me deal with my obstacles… even though I knew – and still know – that He himself had to gracefully accept His own. “My Father, do away this cup (this test) from me. But, if it can not be done, unless I drink it, Thy will be done!”

Obstacles are placed by our Lord Himself… Yes, it is His will!

Lord Ganesh, grant me the wisdom to ‘know’ it… and yes, the serenity to ‘accept’, too.

A happy Ganesh Chaturti to all of you.


Pic.: Manoj Nair


Vikas Prajapati said...

Happy Ganesh Chaturti to you too sir......!!

Sunil said...

Very thoughtful article. Thanks. Sunil D'Mello

Seema Ahuja said...

Liked the co-relation .. very inspiring.