Friday, January 4, 2013


I had been having only one problem with this, otherwise smart young-man: he doesn’t communicate with me whenever he is unable to attend his class, or reach in time. Now, it is not only with me, his friends, too, tell the same thing to me: “Sir, he is bad in communicating.”

My brief to my students is very simple: “Please pick up your phone and talk to me; or text me. At least, inform me through one of your friends.”

No, this young-man – and there are many more like him – just do not realize how important such a communication is. They just ignore, take it for granted. And, then, when they surface, after some days, they get one more long-nasty-sermon from me!

“Thrilled and Proud!!!” this boy’s FB Status read the other day, “Got the best b’day-gift of my life – ‘ iPhone 5’!!!!”

I smiled in my heart… “Happy b’day, dear,” I wished him in my heart, “hope, your ‘best gift’ will make some difference!!!”

Your iPhone 5 or the latest Mac-on-your-lap have nothing to do with how you communicate. The value that you hold about it, in your heart, surely, does!

To inform somebody – say your teacher – that you can not come due to a valid reason, or you may be late by ten or fifteen minutes because you are caught up in a traffic-jam – you need to first value that sort of character trait. You should consider it to be a very important gesture, a fine side of your personality… You should realize that the other person’s time and feelings are important… that, the relationship with another person largely depends on it… that, the lack of communication can lead to misunderstanding and strain in our relationships…

Yes, unless communication is a value we cherish – something important for our heart’s well-being – our gadgets and gizmos, no matter how ‘best’ and how ‘latest’ they are – are just some pieces of junk!

Mind, today, is cluttered with information… The whole world has come into your drawing room...sorry, into your cell-phone… So much; yes, so much just by a mere click!

But, all this information for what… if it doesn't help you become a better human being? If it doesn't help you improve your relationships? If it robs you of your simple joy of being a partner in another human’s happiness?

One of my FB friends had posted a quote from Anthony Robbins, this morning:
“We are drowning in information, but starving for wisdom!”

How true!

Pic.: Amrita Jeurkar


Ajay Sharma said...

Fully agree with you sir. Lovely insights. Thanks. Ajay

Anonymous said...

A post to wake us up!!!! Dilip