Thursday, November 7, 2013


Pic.: Fr. Reginald Pinto

“How you look from outside - that is important.

Keep your body fit, and clothe it with ‘whatever you have ‘

With grace and elegance.

How you ‘feel’ from inside – that is even more important.

So, keep your mind fit, and clothe it with beautiful thoughts –

Love, Kindness, Faith, Hope… and all those winsome thoughts.”

Your physical appearance may be deceptive; but, most of the people in this world still believe in what their eyes see. For them, seeing is believing… They tend to judge you by your looks – your outer appearance… They tend to accept you or reject you on the basis of their judgment.

Yes, how you look from outside – the shape and shine of your body…what you wear, how you talk and how you carry yourself – yes, that is very important. Don’t ignore it… Pay attention to your body… keep it fit and fine; pay attention to the dress you wear… keep it simple, tasteful, graceful and elegant. You neither need a king’s wardrobe nor do you need to charm people with a body or speech of a movie star… All that you need to do is: Pay attention to them… Keep them pleasant, tasteful and graceful. And, that is enough to attract people… enough to see you through your success in this world.

Now, dear, how you ‘feel’ from inside is even more important. That is the health and beauty of your mind, heart and soul. The quality of your emotions, attitude and values form your inner appearance, your intrinsic beauty… Keep your mind healthy with enriching thoughts of Love, Kindness, Faith, Hope, Tolerance, Forgiveness and large-heartedness. Keep your heart earnest and grateful… Keep your values firmly imbedded in your soul…

Yes, your inner light – how you feel inside – 

will glow from outside…


Be incredibly good, beautiful, strong inside… Only then will your outside beauty and strength can be of great use…

Yes, only when a fine product is presented in an equally fine packaging!


Pic.: Fr. Reginald Pinto


In the early 80’s, as a stranger and a struggling young-man in this big city of Mumbai (then Bombay), I was filled with self-doubts and fears. My self-confidence level was at its lowest pit, and I was gripped with anxiety about my future. It was during these harrowing times, I had found on the roadside an old copy of Dr. Napoleon Hill’s inspirational classic – ‘Think & Grow Rich’… 

My life was destined to change, immediately!

I have been so influenced by Dr. Napoleon Hill’s ‘Success philosophy’ - particularly his famous line: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” - that it would be impossible for me to shed off this influence all my life.

So, as a young-teacher in his twenties, when I had scribbled those passages in the little booklet ‘THE DAWN’, they loudly – and proudly - echoed the core tenets of Dr. Hill’s life-lessons. What he had assimilated from the lives of scores of successful people and passed on to us, I was now trying to do, in my own way, to my students…

With my deepest humility and reverence, I dedicate this book ‘THE ECHOES OF THE DAWN’ - to the one who made me ‘Stand up’ in life…Dr. Napoleon Hill.


Mahesh Sawant. said...

perfectly right sir; not just how we loo but also how we feel, both matter. Mahesh Sawant

Himali Bhaskar said...

A good product sells with a good packaging. Nice writ up.
---- Himali

Monish Jain said...

Brilliant post. Monish Jain