Saturday, November 9, 2013


 Pic.: Mehul Bhuva

“True happiness and success in life will come to you

If you learn to live harmoniously with others.

Love, Trust, Compassion, Forgiveness, Tolerance –

These are pillars of peace.”

There is an old saying, “If you are comfortable with yourself, you are comfortable with the world.”

This means, if you are in peace with yourself, you are in peace with the world… The harmony within alone can ensure harmony without.

So, what is your success for, if your heart is in constant turmoil? How can you relish, truly, the fruits of your success, if you are unable to feel the quiet happiness within your own heart?

So, the more you strive to bring forth the harmony within, the more you will be able to strike it with others… You will learn to live in harmony with others. In fact, your inner harmony will automatically reflect in your outer harmony.

If you really love, trust and accept yourself, then, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and large-heartedness – all these virtues will come to dwell in your heart naturally, without any effort.

If you are constantly in conflict with others, it indicates that something has gone wrong in the way you have achieved your success… That, you have not earned it in a right way…

In life, you really do not need ‘a lot’ to give you a deep feeling of happiness and success. You, in deed, need a lot of inner light, inner strength… You need to learn to live harmoniously with yourself… be comfortable with yourself… Living harmoniously and comfortably with the world, then, will be a comfortable experience!

So, strive for harmony within… a quiet happiness…

Let the edifice of your success and happiness stand on the robust pillars of Love, Trust, Compassion, Tolerance, Forgiveness and Large-heartedness…

Let your success make you really happy and proud!



In the early 80’s, as a stranger and a struggling young-man in this big city of Mumbai (then Bombay), I was filled with self-doubts and fears. My self-confidence level was at its lowest pit, and I was gripped with anxiety about my future. It was during these harrowing times, I had found on the roadside an old copy of Dr. Napoleon Hill’s inspirational classic – ‘Think & Grow Rich’… 

My life was destined to change, immediately!

I have been so influenced by Dr. Napoleon Hill’s ‘Success philosophy’ - particularly his famous line: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” - that it would be impossible for me to shed off this influence all my life.
So, as a young-teacher in his twenties, when I had scribbled those passages in the little booklet ‘THE DAWN’, they loudly – and proudly - echoed the core tenets of Dr. Hill’s life-lessons. What he had assimilated from the lives of scores of successful people and passed on to us, I was now trying to do, in my own way, to my students…

With my deepest humility and reverence, I dedicate this book ‘THE ECHOES OF THE DAWN’ - to the one who made me ‘Stand up’ in life…Dr. Napoleon Hill.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, thanks Gerry.
..... Sunil Rao

Priya Shenoy said...

Our peace inside reflects outside. Success is worthless unless we are silently able to relish our success in life. Great post, keep writing.
--- Priya Shenoy

Vivek said...

Wonderful post Sir! It has indeed taught me a lot
- Vivek

Anonymous said...

It is really true that what we are inside will always reflects outside.
- Shobha K

Nitin Menda said...

Inspiring!!! Nitin

Sweta Ramani said...

Very thought-proviking article Gerry sir. Keep writing.
...... Sweta Ramani