Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Pic.:Unnati Jiandani

For long, I used to believe that courage meant absence of fear. So, I considered all great men to be courageous, to be fearless.

And me? Me and courage? Never!

Then, one day, some powerful lines from a speaker shook me off from my sleep:

“Courage does not mean absence of fear; 

it only means doing 

the seemingly impossible things despite fear… 

with a quaking heart.”

That day, for the first time, I realized that I, too, possessed in me the same seed of greatness, which all great men possessed.

Strength comes from doing the difficult tasks. It comes by using our otherwise dormant faculties. Courage, as all tough people know, is the grace under pressure.



In 1990, THE DAWN CLUB had published a small book by the title – ‘The Zest’. It had carried some eighteen short and medium-sized passages written by me. The book instantly became one of our very popular books; and, eventually, it was reprinted several times.

We guess, one of the main reasons for its popularity was that it spoke to the reader in ‘first person’… He felt as though he was talking to himself… a soliloquy. Yes, the reader could instantly connect to the voice in the book… and, the message simply seeped into his heart!

The above passage – ‘COURAGE’ – is a popular passage from the book.

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Simple and short and inspiring! Geeta