Friday, April 21, 2017


Are we all shy people?

Well, most of us are… if not all. Majority!

Early this morning, Rakesh Menon, the founder and teacher of our Tai Chi group, was on stage organized by Chembur Festival Committee (2017) to promote health and well-being. Today, from 8 am to 9 am, our sir, along with some of our students, demonstrated to the participants the benefits of Tai Chi…

Rakesh Menon, our teacher, was brilliant on stage! I watched him closely… getting transformed – rather transcended – from ordinary to extra-ordinary… from real to surreal. I had one more live testimony to prove: It is your core strength… your niche… your own cherished domain… yes, it is when you operate from this space, you come about special, mighty… authentic. It is when you sing from there, dance from there, write from there, speak from there, teach from there, heal from there, play from there, paint from there… do anything and everything from there… yes, it is only when you rise up from there, that you stand out like a precious diamond…

Every precious diamond is hidden inside the coal… Every precious pearl is clothed inside the shell called shyness. Put the coal and the shell on stage… before the camera, canvas, audience… beholders… put the coal and the shell where they really belong, and they unfurl, shine...

And, they become an Amitabh Bachchan… a Shah Rukh Khan… a Marlon Brando… an A.R. Rehman, a Michael Jackson and an entire galaxy of stars!

For years, I have been telling this - from every platform, and from the top of my voice. That, there is no point in worrying about our shyness… That, our shyness is something amazing about us… That, if we learn to channelize it well, we can emerge like diamonds emerging from coal and pearls emerging from shells… That, when we know who we are, we simply shine, simply present our authentic self…

So, why worry about what we can’t do in life? We can’t do so many things… so many things. But, can’t we do one or two things brilliantly, with all our heart and soul… like painting, singing, composing, playing, writing, acting, teaching, cooking, serving, baking, training, peace-making, volunteering, organizing, healing, designing, selling, fixing, counseling, mentoring and, if not any of these, just being an authentic audience, a spectator… a beholder?

Everybody can be a great performer when he goes up on ‘his own stage’… ‘his on sphere’!


Today, after the programme, when I was telling Rakesh sir as to how delightfully I beheld him transform on Tai Chi stage, he simply blushed. He wanted me to tell it to all. So, I huddled many of his well-wishers together and said, “Sir transformed on stage as Amitabh Bachchan did in front of the camera… I call it ‘The Dance of the Rainbow.”


Pic.: Joni/Chetna Shetty

Videos: YouTube

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