Wednesday, April 19, 2017


“A flower does not think of competing
with the flower next to it…
It just blooms.”

- Unknown

I spent the entire day, today, with B.Sc (IT) students of a Mumbai college. They are all set to walk into their final year, in a few weeks from now. So, the college authorities are aware of the fact that these young-ones would need to be groomed so that they get good placement. I was there, today, to help them in their self-confidence and communication skills.

At their age, I was worse, as far as my self-confidence and communication skills were concerned. So, if I could do something about my problem, they, certainly, can do something about theirs… As I, always, say: “If I can, you, too, can.” But, after a pause, I add this: “I said, ‘You can’… not ‘You will’!”

Yes, I, always, hammer this truth into young-ones' skulls: “Till you do not make ‘I can’ into ‘I will’, your problem will remain your problem.”

Guys like me go there and share our ‘success’ stories before the young-ones… Those stories inspire them… And, when the young-ones deeply admire us for our confidence and communication skills, they do attract in them those qualities. The Law of Attraction gets in motion the moment they start loving deeply what they see in their icons and when they start desiring those qualities… “I became a teacher by deeply admiring my own teacher,” I keep telling young-ones, “and by desiring to become a teacher like my idol.”

Today, I reminded the young students about the same ‘Secret’ – the same Law of Attraction – that would bring about a change in them: “What you deeply like, you attract.”

In the end, I asked them this: “B.Sc. (IT) was a choice or an accident?”

Though I knew what the consensus would be, I wanted to hear it from them. Only a few said ‘Choice’… while the majority said, ‘Accident’… Yes, majority wanted to get into Engineering, Medicine etc. But, ‘marks’ did not support their dream… B.Sc (IT) was a reluctant choice…

I continued: “So, after two years, how do you see the situation? Those who got there as a choice, may or may not like it, now… and those who got there by default, now, may or may not like it, too... This is going to be your last year… So, if your heart is not here in it, how on earth can you feel confident about yourself? Ideally, in life, we all should do what we love… But, if our circumstances land us somewhere else, then, we should learn to love what we do… If we do not do that, we would just drag around… just survive… To live life with confidence – which I call ‘authenticity’ - we need to be passionate about the work we do… There is no option there… No escape route, no excuse. You are young-adults, now… You are capable of connecting the dots… you are capable of putting the pieces of your life-puzzle together… Do what you love… Love what you do. Your confidence will simply come from that… And, listen to this: With such self-confidence, you do not need anyone to teach you how to communicate effectively.”

It is the ‘inside’ that we all should focus on… The ‘outside’ just glows!


Pic.: Shraddha Sachdev

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