Saturday, April 1, 2017


Some occasions in life move me immensely… They make me love more, long more and dream more, and above all, they make me forgive more and embrace. One of these occasions is going to an airport to receive or see-off my dear-ones.  Often, as I wait there for my dear-ones to arrive, I watch and savor the emotions of strangers when they receive their own dear-ones… Some scenes just melt me… I find it hard to hold back my tears… The moment of goodbye is even more moving, even more heart-wrenching!

To me, it is a mystery why love needs absence to make it grow fonder. None of us is an exception here. When our dear-ones are around us all-day and all-year long, we tend to take our relationships for granted… Often, we turn immune and even dead to love. Therefore, I think, in all relationships, the secret ingredient is ‘absence’… which comes in only when there is a physical distance… That, to me, is the mystique of love… We need to be physically away, at times, in order to appreciate the glory of love and affection… Just as how the mountains fascinate us from distance… Just as how the rainbow and the clouds… the Sun, the Moon and the Stars… Yes, every amazing beauty is so only because of the distance – the ‘space’… which brings in ‘absence’… make us miss our loved ones… long for them… appreciate the glory of their presence!

Our hearts are not stones. But, when we take our dear-ones for granted, hearts turn stones… insensitive, dead. Therefore, I strongly feel, we should go back to the airports, often, to see-off our dear-ones… and wait for their arrivals, holding our breaths…

Yes, in life, we need to say, often, to our dear-ones, ‘Honey, I will miss you’… and, ‘Honey I missed you’!


Pic.:Anil Bedi

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