Is watching our thoughts what meditation all about?

I think, it is…

I like to write and post my Blogs almost every day… I have done that when my mind had the happiest, saddest, scariest and funniest thoughts, all. But, for some mysterious reasons, I was not inspired to write anything during the last nine days… And, these nine days have been usual days… with their shares of happiness, sadness, fear, fun and confusion. So, on days like these, I do blog. But, this time, as I confessed, for some strange reasons, I let the days go by without a word being typed…

Often, such a practice is termed as ‘spiritual practice’. It helps one to feel centered… see things in proper perspective… and allows the silence to usher in.

Equanimity is not for those who choose to react for every little buzz and ripple around them. All comments are not worth reacting to… All criticisms are not worth sulking about… All arguments are not worth getting entangled in… All people are not worth giving our attention and affection to… Likewise, all thoughts are not worth getting consumed with and worrying about. I came across these beautiful words of C. JoyBell C:

“Choose your battles wisely. After all, life isn't measured by how many times you stood up to fight. It's not winning battles that makes you happy, but it's how many times you turned away and chose to look into a better direction. Life is too short to spend it on warring. Fight only the most, most, most important ones, let the rest go.” 

I also came across, during these nine days, a very relatable text shared by, Darpan*, a reader of mine. It’s an exchange of conversation this person had with one of his well-wishers in a moment of acute depression. I am sharing it here for its simplicity and redeeming power:

DARPAN: Karan, thank you so much for the kind counsel in the morning. I feel a lot, lot better now. Love and regards.

KARAN: Thanks. I guess, that you are over-reactive and think too much. Sometimes, over-thinking may destroy your own power and drain energy. One man cannot change the entire world… See the history:  if one goes in the front, then, opposition will be more.

Anyway, since you are going through hardship and odd because of well-wishing for community, this is quite natural. I personally suggest try to divert your attention towards your own hobby etc. Later, things will settle down. Do not take any decision now. Be in supporting mode or in standing in the front. For time being, let others to advise and take decisions. You are being hurt because of over-sensitiveness of this matter. Your opponents know, that you are weak in this area. Do not discuss too much within the community, keep ignoring issues for some days… Let people realize, that you are now more mature than earlier.

I may be wrong… Please forgive if I have suggested beyond my thought. I would like to see your changes in next week… I am confident you will rise again. Do not repent… Enjoy… Try to keep two things in mind:
1. If you are right, why worry?
2. If you are wrong, accept it happily.

Sorry, if I have hurt you by saying so much. I personally shared my own view… Be happy dear… Enjoy the moment… Money and community are nothing in front of your own happiness… Cheers! Go for a movie tonight with family and have drinks… Cheers!  Will see you next week.

DARPAN: Wow!! Karan, that’s a priceless piece of most genuine advice! Touched and humbled. In fact, I chose not to indulge in those thoughts for some time till I got hold of myself… Going to watch the movie “ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD’… On my way.. Thank you so much Karan.

KARAN: Good! Remember, there will be a hidden force which attracts you to indulge in the old thoughts. Be strong and just ignore for time being. Also, avoid all discussion related to this issue. Ok. Enjoy!

Mind needs rest… Else, every ripple can turn into a storm. It is mind’s nature to look to the past and regret, feel guilty and angry… It is mind’s nature to look to the future and worry… feel anxious, scared and confused. Yes, mind is such until we step aside and watch our thoughts… Examine our beliefs… the stories we make… the movies we create. During these nine days, I, also, watched many amazing videos of Byron Katie (The author of the book ‘Loving What is’. She calls her Workshops - ‘The Work’)…  I share one of them here:


Pic..: Avinash Mantri
Video: Byron Katie


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