In Life, we all are addicted to one ‘substance’ or the other. Many of us presume that drugs and alcohol are the worst addictions. But, I think, any ‘chronic habit-pattern’ - that sucks us, makes us feel depressed, worthless, hopeless and powerless for a prolonged period – is an addiction. So, substance abuse and alcoholism are not the ‘worst’ addictions…

Addictions come to affect our lives in their varied garbs. They do not allow us to follow our dreams and walk with our heads high, with confidence…

Kiran*, a friend of mine, had been going through a very traumatic time in America. A couple of years ago, one day, she woke up to the reality that her talented young-son, Akshay*, was into drug addiction. Months went by with denial, blame and resistance, which worsened the situation at home. Fear and anxiety began to rule lives of Kiran and her husband, and a sense of guilt and worthlessness began to rob them of the charm of living. “How could we help our son recover when we have no strength left within our own souls?”… Yes, this was the pain that consumed Kiran and her husband. Slowly, when they came to terms with the reality -  that, their talented bright-son was into substance abuse… that, he needed help to recover from it… and, above all, she and her husband, too, needed help in this process –  things began to change. They sought help from recovery professionals… They tried every form of alternative therapy including exercises, Yoga and prayer… They opened up about their problem fearlessly before people who mattered in their lives and sought their help…

They took one day at a time… And, the recovery began to happen, slowly and steadily.  A couple of days ago, Kiran shared with me her joy and relief as a mother seeing her son recovering slowly from his drug addiction…

“Hi Gerry, hope you are doing well. I am so excited to share with you my joy, that Akshay* will be performing with is band, this Saturday, at a local venue. This is after a long hiatus. His last performance was on Aug 2017.

It has been wonderful to have music in our home again, these last 4-6 weeks. When we hear Akshay playing his drum set, we can feel ourselves relax. The music is altering our home atmosphere. Not just home, but our street atmosphere, too, I could say. Previously, our neighbours taking an evening walk would hear Akshay’s music and make a comment to me, now and then, as to how much they enjoyed my ‘Rockstar’!

However, when those neighbours, later, would asked me why they did not hear Akshay playing his music  anymore, my heart wept for what the depression had snatched away from us. It’s a good feeling now to hear his music again, massaging our minds and soothing our hearts. Akshay’s music seems to make everything better. For Akshay, music is medicine…and it transforms the space around him. Music is magic!

I wanted to share with you this, Gerry.

So proud of Akshay… He got his 30-day-sober chip, last week. He has proudly attached it to his key-chain. 30-day sober is such a big deal for him and us. I wanted to share with you this, too, Gerry…

I am a happy mama!

I replied immediately:
Hi Kiran, I could feel your heart from oceans away! I am truly happy for Akshay, you and your family… That 30-day-sober badge is so inspiring and empowering! Be cheerful like this, always! Love.

Kiran wrote back to me,
Thank you Gerry for your encouragement and support. I could feel your prayers from oceans away…  I am thrilled you could feel this mom’s heart rejoice from oceans away. Thank you.

I concluded:
Only a mother feels and bleeds like this for her offspring! T. Care Kiran.

* Names changes


Pic.: Kiran


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