Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yesterday, a parent had come with his young son for admission in my class. "He is very intelligent, but does not study. I want you to motivate him to study, get a good performance," the parent told me.

If I am intelligent, don't I act responsibly? Don't I choose what is good and what is not good for me, for my growth and success? I am naturally motivated to do a task which I 'choose' to perform. My goals come from my own choices... and the moment I set my goals, motivation comes, on its own.

"Welcome to my class," I gave my hand to the young man. "Dad wants me to motivate you for study, to perform well. Do you think, I can do that?"

For a while, the young man was confused. "You can, but I must be first of all serious," he said.

"So, you have said it," I patted him. "You ARE intelligent," I pepped him.

Looking at his father, I said, "Sir, every time I take a student, I make a silent commitment - to give my best to him."

With that commitment, comes my dedication, my devotion to the task. No body needs to motivate me to 'give my best', no body needs to remind me of my responsibility. Commitment is every things... It is our personal bond to our own selves... perhaps, it is the bond that we give to the Universe to help us realise our dreams... Yes, 'our dreams'.

I have not come across a committed man who is failure in life. If he is a failure in life, it must be certainly for this reason: his commitment to failure.

To perform well in his exams, our young man has to commit himself. To achieve the same objective, I must commit myself to give my best, my all to the process. A marriage to succeed, the couple needs to commit... for that matter, no relationship can thrive, without it. A business can never, ever last, unless the man who runs it shows lots and lots of commitment. Yes, nothing in life - nothing - can be achieved without commitment. So much so, even a simple thing called 'peace'.

The father is committed to his son. Now, the son needs to commit himself to his father... and, I - to both of them.

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