Thursday, August 30, 2012


For the past one week or so, many of my FB friends and their friends – in fact, the whole world – had been spreading the message: ‘Kill Kasab’!

Well, I did not register in my mind what that message actually signified, nor did I send it to any of my FB friends. Then, last night, I came to know from someone from my Society that the death sentence had been served on Kasab. The man who told me this was very happy and proud. “It is the end of terrorism,” his relieved look seemed to tell me, “All our problems are now over.”

About two years ago, I had blogged on the subject. “We have pinned high hopes on Kasab,” I had written, “that, when he is hanged, the terrorism would come to an end… that, we would be able to live peacefully!”

Now, this man, Ajmal Kasab, is going to be hanged. So, the terrorism is going to go from  our land… there will be peace!

Is it something like that?

“Kill Kasab!”

I still wonder what that FB message signified!

Who should Kill Kasab?

The Supreme Court? Sonia Gandhi or Manmohan Singh? Or we, the mob?

“Kill Kasab!” 

This man, for all practical purposes, was dead… rather, was kept alive somehow! Now, the ‘Hang Him’ verdict is out, and they will do the formality… yes, of ‘killing him’.

So, we can send a long sigh of relief, isn’t it?

We can hope to live here peacefully, isn’t it?

Terrorism will end, isn’t it?

We had pinned our hopes on Kasab, isn’t it? 

Today, I thought, I would send the message, my self: “Kill Kasab”!

Like you and me, this Kasab was a simple young boy… and, he got carried away by some deadly men. 

Any young boy, in any vicinity – right under our very own roofs – can become a ‘Kasab’… and go on a destructive mission like that… 

I say, anyone, anywhere has the same seed of intolerance, ignorance, greed and hatred as this man had…

Anybody can be made a scapegoat like this young man, who, we are now going to hang!

“Kill Kasab!”… This is a powerful call… Yes, it dawned on me, this morning!

So, let us kill him…

 the seed of intolerance, ignorance, 

greed and hatred in our souls… 

Let’s pin our hopes on this Kasab… 

Yes, when this Kasab dies, the terrorism will certainly die…

And, there will be peace on this earth…

Well, if not on earth, in our own souls, at least!


Pics.: Raj Dhage Wai


Neeraj Khatri said...

Very hard-hitting, sir. Very inspiring.Neeraj Khatri

pooja mehra said...

The connection is expressed beautifully .. Great!

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Neeraj. Love. GERRY

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Pooja. Love. Gerry

Anonymous said...

Inspiring!! Lona

Utpal said...

Hang the Kasab within! Brilliant! Utpal