Thursday, August 9, 2012


  Many years ago, a gentleman told me this:

“In life, we get only what we deserve.”

I was very young at that point of time. “Nothing is impossible!” was the familiar slogan for a young man like me, “You can get what you want, in life!” So, I did not agree with what he had said. “Who should decide what we deserve?” was my argument. 

When hot blood runs through your veins, it is not easy to accept a statement like that. “Man is the master of his fate and captain of his soul!” Probably, Shelley himself was too young when he had made his famous remarks!

Well, I still believe that, it is far better to approach life with the paradigm - “Nothing is impossible” than what a weakling wears around his heart. I still believe, that we can get what we want in our life.

I believe, that my success in this world – my happiness and position – is very much in my own hands. But, still, every time the Law of the Universe intervenes and ‘squares up’ things for me, I smile and remember the gentleman’s words:

“In life, we get only what we deserve!”

The Law of the Universe?

Oh yes, yes! 


deputes some one 

to mete it out to us!

Once upon a time, there lived a greedy milkman in a village. He always mixed water in the milk he sold and in the process made a lot of money.

One afternoon, after selling all the milk, he was returning home. On his way home, he felt very tired and decided to take some rest under a huge tree.

As the milkman was fast asleep, a monkey grabbed his purse, which was full of  coins, and climbed back on the tree. When the monkey tried to bite those coins, he could not. So, he decided to amuse himself by playing a game. He threw one coin into the nearby well and another on the ground.

In this way, he emptied the purse. Half of the coins went into the deep well… the other half fell on the ground where the milkman was sleeping.

When the milkman woke up, the monkey-act was over!

The empty purse was lying somewhere at a distance… half of his coins were scattered here and there on the ground… and the other half?

Well, he did not deserve them!

He took home, what he really deserved, at the end of the day!

Today, this story, which would make me smile as a little child, returned to my mind to make me smile again. 

The blood is not that hot now, you see!

The gentleman was of my age, when he had told me what he did:

“In life, we get only what we deserve!”


Pics.: Raj Dhage Wai


Anonymous said...

Mind-blowing stuff, this simple story sakes us!.. Bhushan

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Bhushan. Love. GERRY