Thursday, August 29, 2013


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Just outside my classes, we have a small garden. For last couple of days, the little kids – Vyomie, Tanish, Vishesh and a dozen others, all between age 10 and 12 – have been planning for their mega-show – ‘Dahi Handi’.  It will be staged in our gardens, today evening, at 4. Vyomie and gang had barged into my office, last afternoon – throwing themselves out of their school bus, they had straight away come into my office – to announce: “Sir, you have to contribute Rs. 30/- for the ‘Dahi Handi’; we are coming in the evening to collect.”

“Ok sweet-hearts,” I pulled them close to me, “Shall I give it now?”

“No, we will come in the evening,” they said in a chorus…

At 5 sharp, in the evening, they were here with a neatly-prepared list. They proudly started from me…

So, I am waiting… I am excited!

Lord Krishna is a very inspiring teacher - Dashing and dynamic… Practical and tactical… Loving and righteous… And yes, yes… fun-loving and serious.

I love Him for all that…

His teachings – which we know as ‘Gita’ – are timeless pearls of wisdom… Life-empowering and inspiring!

“Sir, it is Krishna bhagwan’s happy b’day,” Tanish, a ten-year old, had explained to me last evening, when I had asked the kids, “What is Krishnashtami’?”

“Why you play ‘Dahi Handi’?” I had asked them.

“Because, when Krishna bhagwan was a small boy like us, he used to climb high to steal butter,” one of them had dramatized enthusiastically, “That’s why we call him ‘Makhan Chor’!”

“I see!” I had shown my curiosity, “That means, you are going to play tomorrow the ‘Makhan Chor’ game?”

“YESSSS!!!!” they had jumped.

Al right. Innocence, mischief and fun are Lord Krishna’s signature qualities.

And, there is the serious side to His character, too: It breathes the hard reality of life… the practical reality studded with love and hate, right and wrong, courage and weakness, envy and magnanimity… doubt and clarity… war, peace… compassion. And, victory.

I am no more a small kid… Unlike the little-ones, who are delightfully drawn to the makhan stories of boy Krishna, I am more drawn to the stories of Bhagwad Gita…

God stands, always, on the side of those who love peace, those who do not want war… He is on the side of ones whose intention is to build, heal and keep harmony… God doesn’t propagate war… Tells you never to start one, come what may. But, if it is brought upon you, you have to fight it out like a real warrior… And, He promises you that He will stand on your side!

Of the many pearls of wisdom Lord Krishna’s teachings bring to us, today, I found a new meaning and strength in the one I have just mentioned…

“Son, when you fight against the evil forces, 

 I will be on your side!”

Please join us at 4, this evening, for the mega-show… The Dahi Handi by our Vyomie and his mandali!



Nishta Sharma said...

Brilliant!!! Nishta

Rupa Dayal said...

There is no teaching as sublime and inspiring as that from Gita.
- Rupa

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Vilas More said...

Loved the innocence and the seriousness packed in this 'Pot of Pearls'!!!!!!

+____+ Vilas

Leena Srivatsava said...

That song has been one of my fav. Thanks for adding it in your post. ..........Leena