Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The other day, when I told someone that I had watched the critically-acclaimed film, ’Ship of Theseus’, his reaction was immediate: “Did you watch it? It is a strain on your brain, everybody says.”

“Well, not everybody says so,” I said to my friend, and asked him, “Have you watched it?”

“No,” my friend quipped, “I don’t find sense in adding more stress by paying for it.”

I haven’t watched ‘Chennai Express’… and, I won’t. Probably, if my friend asks me if I have watched this Madras-Mumbai pot-boiler, my answer would be something like this: “No; I don’t like to go to a cinema hall leaving my brain behind!”

Both of us, my friend and I, are on two sides of the same spectrum… both of us have highly preconceived ideas… our respective prejudices… We have allowed others to influence us, chosen to operate from hearsay, past experiences, personal biases and so on…

In my case, I have a pre-conceived notion that SRK overacts… I don’t like his dialogue delivery and, yes, I like Big B more than SRK and will unwittingly compare SRK with him. This has, always, deprived me from thoroughly enjoying a SRK movie, appreciate it objectively and so on. And, whenever I have chosen to drop my yardsticks and colored glasses and watch SRK and his movies, I have really enjoyed them…

My son keeps telling me that he has stopped reading all sorts of film reviews and their ratings, and, he doesn’t discuss a movie with any of his friends before he watches it himself… “The reviews and opinions have, always, let me down,” he says.

I agree with him.

I, always, play some background music on YouTube as I write my Posts. So, just a while ago, when I tried to select one of my favorite instrumentals, I chanced upon, of all the tracks in the world – hold your breath please - ‘Lungi Dance’ from ‘Chennai Express’… and, without even one blink, clicked on it…

And the experience?


“Pure shit!!!!” someone had commented… “Awesome!!!!” another… and, so and so forth the comments have been…

So, it is pointless racking our brains on this subject… Because, some of us find our brains a pure necessity and some of us find it a pure nuisance…

Just as I have found, today, the ‘Lungi Dance’ sublime and a pure inspiration for my Post… while the other guy had found it a ‘Pure shit’!

What makes you happy will, always, be sublime!


Pic.: Mehul Bhuva
Video: YouTube


Naresh Nanda said...

Good one... The lighter the better! Naresh

Anonymous said...

Very true sir. A biased mind is burdensome one.
--- Pallavi