Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Pic.: Chetna Shetty

Mrs. Subramaniam was a very popular teacher in one of the best schools around. She taught there for twenty-five years, and, spent her next five years as the Principal of other well-known schools in the city. Now, in her mid-sixties, she spends her time involving herself in many productive and empowering activities. I like the zest and energy she exudes… and the childlike eagerness with which she approaches life…

Two days ago, I had spoken to Mrs. Subramaniam about our on-going PD course and requested her to spend some time with our young kids. So, this morning, she was here, literally held fascinated by what our young kids were sharing in class. “How I spend my day” was the topic, and, they all knew that they were not being judged or analyzed by any of us… That, they were encouraged to speak out – frankly and fearlessly – all that they felt… their joys and frustrations… their conflicts inside and outside… why they weren’t able to focus… what were their distractions… and, above all, the connection between  being goalless in life and poor time-management…

Yes, as speaker after speaker opened up on stage, it opened every one’s heart – and eyes - out there, including mine and Mrs. Subramaniam’s. So, in the end, when she came up to share her views, Mrs. Subramaniam told our young kids - of many things she told -  the importance of being teachable in life… “Be open to learning, and learn from every one,” she said to our young kids, “I am so happy that I came here, today… I learnt so much from all of you,  that I will be going home a lot richer in wisdom.”

Was Mrs. Subramaniam being just sweet to our young kids?

Far from it!

“If you think you are too old to learn,” Mrs. Subramaniam wrapped up with this quote, “you are too old to live.”

And, I knew, how true it was!