Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Pic.: Elaine Pereira

“If God has created us, He will, also, provide for us.”

I, really, think, it is true. God would not have created any living beings on this earth, if He was not capable enough to provide for his children. But, if anyone tells me to wait for God to come down and fill my plate here, I would rather choose to believe, that God only creates… He doesn’t provide…

To provide for my living is my responsibility; not God’s!

On last Sunday, in our Tai Chi class, Kannan had one more story to tell. Incidentally, it involved a lion and a leopard. (In yesterday’s post, I had shared another lion-and-leopard story)…

In a certain village, there lived this lazy man. He did not like to work and provide for his family.  “If God has created us,” he would quote one of his Gurus, “He will, also, provide for us.”

Soon. a time came, when there was nothing at home… His parents were sick… there was no money to buy medicines.… His wife and little children had nothing to eat… Leave alone to entertain… Many tried to put sense into this fellow’s head; but, he would only argue, saying: “If God has created us, He will, also, provide for us.”

Then, one day, the man went to meet his Guru who lived in a hermit in the nearby forest. On meeting his Guru, the man placed his complaint before the Guru, “Sir, you have been, always, teaching us the great truth, that God not only creates us, He, also, provides for us… I have been faithful to your teachings… Then, why is my life miserable?”

As they were discussing, they saw a wounded old-lion. He seemed hungry but unable to hunt for his food. Just then, a leopard came chasing a deer. The next moment, the deer was grabbed by the leopard, who had his fill and went away leaving behind the carcass. The lion slowly went near the carcass of the deer, filled his stomach and went his way, too…

“Sir, look, how true your lesson is!” the man was doubly sure now… that, if God had created him and his family, God would, also, provide for them!

“The lesson is absolutely true, my dear friend,” the Guru said to his idiot disciple, “Your misery is because you have chosen to learn from the lion and not from the leopard!”

Kannan was clear: “God, the Creator, would not come down and help us maintain our health… True, God has gifted us this wonderful instrument called ‘body’… But, He has, also, given us this simple responsibility of taking care of His gift… Yes, God would never come down and do Tai Chi for us… Sorry, He doesn’t provide, there!”

As the Guru pointed to his dumb disciple, our misery, too, comes - because, we choose to learn from the wounded-and-old lion… and not from the agile-and-young leopard… yes, in this jungle called Life!


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