Monday, September 28, 2015


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"Don't Strive To Make Your Presence Noticed, Just Make Your Absence Felt"
-       Anonymous

Yesterday, Kannan had used this old quote in our Tai Chi class, in a certain context. But, I could immediately grasp its universal applicability… especially in any area of leadership. And yes, in any area of relationship, or, even social work.

It’s tough to be anonymous, faceless and low-key when we are leaders… Asserting our authority and position, expecting recognition from our subordinates comes easily to us. The thought of being a faceless leader or social worker… yes, it sounds scary. In relationships, too, it is quite scary to function without we striving to make our presence noticed…

But, that need to make our presence noticed comes from our insecurity!

If we closely observe true leaders – be them business leaders, work-place leaders, leaders at schools and colleges, religious or social organizations, or even families – they are the ones who have always striven to be faceless, low-key. The best example is our parents and spouses. Think of them… Their role in our lives is so significant; their contribution is so immense… Yet, we cannot see them striving to make their presence noticed. Ditto is the case when we are parents… We do not strive to make our presence noticed in the lives of our children… Love, care and affection are just pure, with no strings attached…

A true teacher, a true friend, a true spouse, a true social worker – yes, you won’t find any of them striving to make their presence noticed… For, true love and true giving come from a clean and a powerful place inside our hearts… It is a quiet, secure place… which is devoid of fear and insecurity…

Therefore, when these people are gone, we feel their absence.

Last morning, what Kannan had said, in our Tai Chi class, abounds everywhere in life… Yes, the lesser we strive to make our presence noticed, the more is our absence felt!


Pic.:  Dilip V             

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