Saturday, September 12, 2015


 Pic.: Elaine Pereira

Awareness is not something that is cut off from our daily life… and confined to our so-called spiritual practices… like meditation, prayer etc. I have, also, realized this: unless we practice awareness in our very, very routine activities and actions, it is not possible to practice it in true sense, at all!

Let me share with you one such routine activity, where I have learnt to be aware…

Earlier, there were times, I would send a message to a friend, relative or an acquaintance early in the morning, say at 6 or 7 like this:

“Can we reschedule our today’s’ meeting for tomorrow at same time?”  

The answer would be either “Okay”, or “OK” or just “K”… Maybe, “No problem” or “No issues” or “Done”…

But, then, some of them would respond this way: “GMng Gerry/Sir. Okay/Ok/No problem”/ “No issues.”

Now, what would make the difference, here, is that one little-word – “GMng!”

It was, indeed, 6 or 7 in the morning. And, how insensitive – how unaware - I could be to start a conversation with any one – I say, anyone – without wishing him a good-morning!

Other people’s gentle gesture, in this respect, has sensitized me… yes, made me aware of an area of my daily activity where I needed to practice awareness…

So, now, no matter who I send an early-morning message to, and no matter who  I receive it from or how I receive it from him: I shall greet that person with a “Good-morning”… and, do it with all my heart!

Just felt like sharing this, today. Because, of the five early-morning messages I had received today from my friends/students/parents, only one had ‘Good-morning” in it!

I am not complaining about them… I am only reminding myself to be aware that if it is an early morning, I need to greet everyone – including my enemies – “Good-morning.”

I rest my case, sir.


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