Sunday, September 11, 2016


Pic,: Chetna Shetty

What these little kids and young men learn in the Ganpati pandal… yes, they can never learn in their schools and colleges.

In my own housing society, the Ganeshotsav has been organized for last fourteen years without any break… and, each year, it has been done in a bigger and grander way. The young men, who started it all, are now busy with their respective career and families. The little kids, who had been watching and assisting the seniors, have now grown up and taken over the charge… and, I see the same pattern unfolding, now. The little kids, who are now seen running around their older counterparts, are being moulded to shoulder the responsibility…

For fourteen years, to sustain a big-scale event like this, without infighting and ego-hassles, is something commendable. The schools and colleges haven’t taught these little kids and young men all this… They have learnt it on their own.

That’s why, I said, “What they learn in Ganpati pandal, they can never learn in their schools and colleges.”

And, join the mothers and fathers, too… the Grandmothers and grandfathers, too… Dance, singing, fashion shows, cooking competitions, drawing and painting competitions, and all sorts of talent-shows… The whole family involves…

And, Ganesha watches… Smiles!

In my classes, I am stuck with the syllabus. Students like Ayyush have sent me the message that they would resume only after Ganesha goes….So, I have to wait!

The eighteen-year-old Saumik, who lives next door, was home at 6 this morning. He and his young friends had given Ganesha company by sleeping over in the pandal!

That’s learning of a different kind… Fun… Pure joy.

And, I am sure, that is something done by them without being told, with a pure heart…

So, is it not pure worship?

Is it not a blessed life?

After seven eventful days, our society is bidding goodbye to Ganesha, this night.

Bless us all O Lord… Protect us all!


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