Monday, September 5, 2016


Pic.: Khushboo Gulrajani

“Learning is not a spectator sport.”

-       D. Blocher

Somebody asked me this question, this morning:

“What would have you become in life had you not been a teacher?”

“A student,” I said, without even blinking. Then I added this: “Living on this planet is a never-ending process of learning… being open, humble and teachable.”

Just, last afternoon, a mother and a sister of a ‘special child’ (an 18-year old, who suffers from autism) had come to see me. The mother, a very strong woman - very articulate and compassionate – had told me about her son, over the phone, and wanted me to help him in accountancy subject. When we met later, yesterday, I realized how difficult it must have been for that woman, her husband and the boy’s elder sister to raise this boy into a confident human being. They had been well-settled abroad, and a few years ago, had taken a decision to come back to India only to give this boy a proper education. The husband still works abroad (doing very well)… the woman – who goes through her cancer treatment - has started a school in Mumbai to help special children… The sister (who is presently on a vacation in India) purses her studies in psychology…

They were there in my office, yesterday, for thirty minutes. In those thirty minutes, I felt I knew nothing about education, leave alone teaching!

When scores of your students greet you on Teachers' Day – showering upon you praises and tributes – it is easy to get carried away. You even become a lot arrogant… I have been so all these years…

So, today, when the question was thrown at me, I had the answer ready:

“I would have become a student!”

Funny it sounds though. Are we all not lifelong students of this school called ‘LIFE’?

A very happy Teachers' Day to all who keep me open, humble and teachable lifelong.


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kkpiyer said...

Indeed what a kid with a similar problem is making me undergo. I am indeed blessed to be able to receive training in being patient - totally patient when the need arises...