Saturday, September 3, 2016


Pic.: Alex D.

“What happens is not as important
as how you react to what happens.”

- Ellen Glasgow
The other person is ‘different’ from how I am… because, he has gone through life-experiences totally different from mine. So, his behavior stems from his beliefs which have been formed through his unique life-experiences…  And, my behavior stems from the beliefs which have been formed through my own life-experiences.

Yesterday,  almost the entire day, I was emotion-driven… anxious, worried, scared and gloomy. Today, I find myself predominantly reason-driven… There is a lot of cheer in me, a lot of peppy and jovial attitude…

Yesterday, nasty comments provoked me… Today, like a great batsman, I maneuvered the nasty deliveries quite brilliantly… And, yes, by the end of the day, yesterday, I found myself drained and lifeless. Today, I am looking forward for the night… I am feeling good about myself. In control. Confident.

The world is the same… The people out there are the same… The nastiness and provocation seem to be the same… Then, what has made the difference?

There is a thin line between why I ‘react’ and why I ‘respond’… and, today, I am able to see this line… standing aside. I can see how the other person is ‘different’ from me and why he behaves the way he does…  This wisdom empowers me to smile, even though I do not agree with him, and even though his words sound harsh, bitter and even caustic…

I can, also, see the fact that the ‘choice’ is always mine.


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