Saturday, December 17, 2016


“When the last female dies,
the gateway to the earth closes to man.”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Mrs. Sodhi lives in our housing colony. Her husband is a friend of mine.  Their daughter, Baani, got married two years ago, and their son, Govind, is now in tenth standard. Govind’s school bus comes at 6.20 every morning when it is still dark outside. What is delightful to watch is: Mrs. Sodhi comes to see off Govind every morning!


“He is a smart, confident, young lad who will be appearing for his SSC Boards in a few months,” I have wondered many times on seeing Mrs. Sodhi waiting with her son for the school bus to come, “Can’t she leave him alone?”

It took some time for me to grasp how some mothers make such choices… It dawned on me when I thought over the fact, that, for Govind, his mother has been doing it right since he was in nursery… 13 years, that is! Before that, she had done it for her daughter, Baani … Yes, every morning, every year. I have no idea if she had done it for Baani when she was a college girl!

It is purely a mother’s personal call. I know, most mothers do it only till their children need it… Once they are old enough – particularly in a safe, private complex like ours – there is absolutely no need to worry about the child’s safety… Even a kindergarten kid can be sent alone to get into his school bus… Thus, Mrs. Sodhi’s gesture is something rare to behold. I can feel the warmth when she comes down, walking with Govind… when they await the bus… and when the bus comes, the way she responds… till the bus goes… Yes, after that, she goes back home!

Will this make Govind a less confident boy in life?

No sir, it won’t. For, I have clear indications that Govind’s mother doesn’t do it out of insecurity or anxiety. She does it to express her motherly love and warmth to her child. It comes from her strength and not weakness. And, when an action comes from one’s own self-confidence, it can only make the recipient of such warmth and love only self-confident in life.

Why am I writing about such a ‘small’ stuff?

To me, it is a ‘huge’ stuff, sir. I look forward to watch this delightful sight every morning as I wind up my morning walk. What a way to start one’s day… What a sublime sight!

Neither the mother nor the son may have any clue about it!


Pic.: Chetna Shetty

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