Thursday, December 8, 2016


“Once the thunderstorm starts, raindrops can no longer vote.”
― Mike Klepper

Do we all experience the fear of consequences?
I haven’t gone around asking this question to people with in my own reach… leave alone the ones beyond my reach. Yet, I can speak for all of them, I suppose: yes, we all experience the fear of consequences…
The consequences of our decisions… The consequences of our actions as well as inactions… Consequences  of what we say, what we write and how we behave etc.

Maybe, with some people, this fear is less visible… But, I am sure, they do experience this fear deep inside.

In life, every decision that we take has the potential of going right and going wrong. We can only weigh the degree of the two possibilities… how much it can go right and how much it can go wrong. Most of us go through this process before arriving at our decisions…We gather facts from reliable sources, we consult right people… we take advice and opinions… and, yes, we also go by our gut, our impulses and hunches. Only a few of us are too rash and too impulsive while taking decisions… Most of us try to play it safe.

But, then, I think, when it comes to decisions we take in life, there is nothing called ‘foolproof’ decisions… All decisions can go wrong… As the Murphy’s Law goes,  “If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong, at the worst possible time, all the time, all at once.”

Bad news?

Not at all…

A too pessimistic outlook towards life?

No sir.

Earthquakes and tsunamis, terror attacks and gang rapes… business losses and betrayals, breakdown in relationships and health issues… yes, if all these calamities ‘can’ come… they ‘will’. Only question is: when they come, whether I will be caught in the net or not!

So, I am writing all this today, because, suddenly, I have become aware of this fear in my heart… I have to take some decisions and I feel the fear of their consequences… I find myself taking advice from people who care for me… I find myself thinking alone and praying… I want the consequences to be ‘pleasant’… smooth all the way once I decide.

That’s me… and I, believe, that’s you… and that’s we all are. We want to ‘foolproof’ our decisions… so that nothing goes wrong…

Now, standing a little away from that fear or desire in me, I can only see myself smiling in peace… “You have thought enough,” the Good Counsel prompts me, “Now plunge… Say Thy will be done!”



Pic.: Upasana Satpathy

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