Monday, December 12, 2016


Is cribbing in our DNA?
Though we cannot generalize it, most of us crib and complain about some things, sometimes… if not about all things, all the times. So, it is very much there in our DNA!

I do complain about some things, sometimes… Yes, I do crib about them. But, mercifully, I am not a ‘chronic’ or a ‘habitual’ cribber. If you sweetly explain to me – rather gently massage my ego a little – that is enough to pacify me. I will immediately stop complaining and cribbing!

This post is about those who are hardcore cribbers… the chronic ones… who try to find fault in everything, everywhere and everyday… who have made cribbing their business, even their livelihood. 

How to deal with such a cribber?

“Make him the Mess Secretary?” A retired gentleman told us, last night. Obviously, we were discussing about some chronic cribbers around us. The gentleman took us back to our school and college days. He narrated, “There was this warden in our college hostel who knew how to ‘fix’ the habitual cribbers. The students who most cribbed about the mess – about the quality of food, mess charges and timings and who always pointed to what was wrong with the mess – yes, our warden would pick them up to be the Mess Secretary. Automatically, the cribbing would end.”

“This was how our class teachers, too, would deal with the most mischievous students in the class,” recalled another gentleman, “They made such students the class monitors!”

Cribbing is a habit. And, like all other habits, once we allow this habit to go into our DNA… it becomes the proverbial old-habit. And, you know what that proverb says: “Old habits die hard!”

Probably, what the hostel warden and school teachers did years ago… yes, this old trick is the only trick that still works: Make the mess cribber the ‘mess secretary’!


Pic. Nicole Gubin-O'Ryan

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