Sunday, May 14, 2017


I have been teaching the 17-year-old Jason for last six months or so. He is presently doing his class 12 (CBSE). He has twin sisters who are in school. Jason’s mom, Judith, had done the talking for his admission at my place. I haven’t met her, yet… But, every time I have spoken to her, she came about to me as a very warm and simple soul. She cared for her children immensely. In fact, when she first called me, one of the twins was undergoing a prolonged treatment in one of the hospitals in Mumbai and she was literally living day and night in the hospital. Later, when Jason had to be enrolled with me, his dad, Rajiv, accompanied him. “Jason’s elder brother?” I remember asking Rajiv.

“I am his dad!” the confident smile had made me say, “Can’t believe that!”

I learnt during the course of our discussion, that Rajiv, a top executive in an Insurance Major, had started a rigorous fitness programme. He looked young, dashing and energetic. I also learnt that, he was a popular Christian pastor and authored two books on spirituality… After he got connected with me on FB, I got to read his daily dose of inspirational messages. He had aptly christened them as: ‘THE WRITING ON THE WALL’. Then came Rajiv’s week-end videos. For past couple of months, Rajiv has been talking to his viewers live on FB… A short video every Saturday morning, without fail… and, topics relate to life - fear, success, stress, self-confidence, relationship, facing the giants and such topics that concern us… He has been impressive, admirable and inspiring.

Well, I am writing about Rajiv and Judith not because Rajiv has achieved laurels. Yes, he deserves applause for whatever he has done to impact lives at such young age. But, I am not writing this post to do that. Let me tell you why, then…

A few days ago, early in the morning, Rajiv posted the status on FB from the Mumbai airport: “OK, so the kids have sent us away for a short holiday to Bangkok and beyond.”

That morning, Jason had his P.D. session and was not able to attend it. The next day, I asked Jason, “So, how do you and sisters manage? Who prepares your food?”

“Sir, there is maid at home,” Jason told me, “We are able to manage… We are glad, dad and mom are able to take a break from their hectic life.”

Today is ‘Mother’s Day’. I felt strongly inside my heart that I must talk about these three kids of Rajiv and Judith…

Yes, as Jesus said, “Blessed are those who are pure in heart, because it is they who will see God!”

Pic.: Rajiv Chelladurai

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