Saturday, May 6, 2017


During our P.D. sessions, I show to little-ones and young-ones some of the best scenes from the movie ‘3 Idiots’. If I say that they all love it, it is not only an understatement, it is also an obvious truth I am stating. People of all age and taste, every class and creed have loved ‘3-Idiots’… Rancho and Chatur.

“Why do you like this movie?” I have asked little kids, young-ones and even parents.

The answer, invariable, sumps up this: We all want to be like Rancho – free, creative, intelligent, witty and sensitive… yet, something has made us reluctantly embrace the Chatur in our hearts… We don’t like the Chatur in us… we do not like to be the real idiot like him… and don’t mind labeled as ‘idiots’ by the society, the system…

But, then, ‘Marks are important’… you see… The exact words, including the commas and full stops, in a definition are important you see… What the class teacher has given as answer to the question and not what you think as the answer leave alone the answer from another text book or teacher – yes, that’s important you see…

So, whether we like or don’t like, agree or disagree… we swallow the answers dry, blindly… and go to the exam halls and vomit, just the way it is… dry and dead!

Who wants to risk a year? O wants to risk admiissions?

So, we all are Ranchos in the garb of Chaturs… Yes, we are the reluctant Chaturs!

Last evening, during our P.D. session, I had showed our young-ones the popular class-room scene – ‘What is a Machine? – and then, asked them to have a Group Discussion. I coined the topic: ‘Am I a Rancho or am I a Chatur?’

What transpired was what I have just said: They all loved Rancho… They all wanted to be like him… They wanted to think like him, write like him, speak like him, be creative, free and sensitive like him… yet, they were ‘forced’ by the system to nurture a Chatur in them, and they all were doing that reluctantly… Nobody wanted to be like Chatur even though they all did exactly what he did. They knew who the real idiots were!

Consensus, therefore, was: to go about our life housing both Rancho and Chatur in us… and see how not be the real idiots in this world.

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