Wednesday, May 31, 2017


There was this young ninth-standard girl, who attended a few P.D. sessions a year ago. She was going through a very low phase at that time… She hated being treated as a ‘slow learner’ in school… She thought she was ‘normal’, but her teachers and authorities felt she was ‘not normal’. It was her parents, particularly the mother, who – like Edison’s mother did – refused to accept the ‘validation certificate’ of the teachers and school authorities… “We know our child better than anyone else does,” asserted the parents, “we shall see that our child grows up confident and compassionate.”

Two days ago, I received a phone call from the young girl. “Sir, just wanted to share with you my joy… I got 91% in ICSE tenth.”

I was happy for the girl. I had not taught her any of her subjects… All that I had done was to help her through our few P.D. sessions. “Sir, I can never forget those sessions in my life,” the young lady said, “You came at the right time in my life… You put my confidence back in me!”

To me, moments such as this are very reassuring, to say the least. We all need someone to tell us, most sincerely, “You did a difference in my life… Thank you.” When I make this confession, I am not being insecure or egoistic… I am being simply normal… I need someone like this young girl to tell me, “Sir, you matter… You are good” just as that young girl needed someone like me to tell her, “Beta, you matter… You are good.”

Yesterday, the young lady, dressed like a pretty princess, came to see me along with her parents. They were in my office for over an hour! “Sir, I think, if we get ourselves ‘tested’ for our ‘normalcy’, you and I will be ‘certified’ as abnormal (Special) in something or the other,” the mother of the young girl joked, “the ‘labels’ are really damaging.”

Well, the purpose of this Post is this: We do not express our gratitude enough. This girl and their parents told me yesterday, that they had been to at least a dozen people who they thought had helped the young one blossom into a confident soul. Many young ones – and even their parents – do not consider this as an important value and ingredient of personal growth…

In life, we cannot do it on our own, no matter who we are… People help us along our way… People touch us, inspire us and help us become whatever and wherever we are, now. We need to go and tell them, “You made a difference in my life… Thank you.”

From the other side, the lesser we keep this expectation, the better for our peace of mind. ‘Neki kar  daria mein daal’!

I agree… But, I am ‘normal’, you see!


Pic.: Shraddha Sachdev

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