Saturday, May 27, 2017


Last evening, my wife and I watched the movie, “SACHIN – A Billion Dreams’. The theatre was packed… young parents with their kids, elderly couples… young boys and girls and all of us. Sachin, it was clear, had won everyone’s hearts… He had inspired all of us… Yes, a billion people, to say the least, to dream!

I had been a huge fan of Sachin ever since I watched his first game… and, like everyone else, had kept myself updated on him… No matter how ‘colossal’ the brand Sachin had become, no matter how ‘larger-than-life’ he had become… how massive a Legend… I just cannot shed off the image of that boy-next-door… The boy just the way you and I had been, once… that boy who was shy yet mischievous… the boy who ate, played, prayed and lived just like you and me…

And, to me, that connect simply doesn’t happen with any other sports person, leave alone of the proportion Sachin had risen to…

His family looks like mine… his parents, brothers and sisters, his wife and children…

What is this supposed to be?

Ajit, his elder brother who spotted Sachin’s genius early and literally lived all his life that ‘dream’… What is that supposed to be?

Achrekar sir, his first coach who moulded Sachin with so much dedication and faith… what is that supposed to be?

His father and mother, who just believed in their son and prayed for his success… what is that supposed to be?

Anjali, his wife, who despite being a qualified doctor (M.D.), chose to remain in her famous husbands’ shadows, yes, what is that supposed to be?

All those parents, who had brought their little children to the theatre, last evening, gave me the same feeling: They believed in their children… They aspired their children to shine in life… They were ready to sacrifice for their children… They prayed for their children…

We are all ordinary people… we all come from the chawls and  the gullies of Mumbai… We all love the Vada Pav and the cutting chai… We all… The Tendulkars and the Amabani’s… you and me. All.

The Ferrari’s and the Antilia’s don’t really matter… The Sachin in us - the dreamer -  does!


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