At 10.30, this morning, when I reached our Colony gate, there was only one auto waiting. I quickly boarded it. Just then, I heard one of our watchmen blowing his whistle. When I peeped out towards him, I realised that a young lady with bags in both her hands was approaching towards the gate. She wanted the watchman to fetch an auto for her. So, without realising that I had already boarded the only auto that was available, he had blown his whistle, so that she could board it. When I saw this lady with heavy bags in both her hands, and realising the fact that she would not be able to get another auto for quite a while, my immediate reaction was: I asked the autowala to make an about turn towards this lady.

"Ma'am, there are no auto's there out side; would you like me to drop you somewhere?" I said, in the most sincere and spontaneous manner.

"No," she brushed me aside in an equally blunt and thankless manner, continuing to walk.

My face fell for a while; my ego was hurt. I saw even the autowala laughing sarcastically. For the rest of my 15-minutes journey, this lady consumed my mind.

"Why am I doing these kind of things, only to be insulted, ignored, hurt?" I kept asking myself. "Why do I go out my way to please people?"

There was anger. First, at the lady for her impoliteness... Then, slowly, the anger was redirected at me - for my own 'stupidity'... And, finally, it was all over.

I did what I did, because that was what my deep being wanted me to do. I was in alignment with my Values. And, there ended my 'duty'... my 'Dharma'. I really had no idea as to how this lady would react... That was not in my control. So, what she did was in alignment with her Values... It was her "Karma'.

How else could I keep my sanity? How else could I stop myself from being a bitter 'fellow-being'?

The ancient stories are still there for us... to find meaning.

Once, on the bank of a river, a monk was bathing. He saw a scorpion drowning and instinctively placed his palm to save the creature from dying. The scorpion began to sting monk's palm, agitated and restless... and, finally, fell into the river only to go down again. The monk, once again, stretched his hands and lifted the little creature on his palms. The creature left more blows, more blood... and, once again, fell into the water. But, the monk wouldn't give up his efforts to save the scorpion... while the creature would not give up striking.

This went on for some time. A man who was bathing along the monk was amused and even shocked to see this drama. "Swamiji, why do you continue helping that creature, when all that you get in return are the thankless blows?"

"Well, my friend," said the monk. "Because, I am doing my 'dharma'... and that little creature is doing its 'karma'."

How else shall I console myself for the morning blow?



Manjeet Singh said…
Gerry Sir, THANKS for this blog. So what is your insight -never give lift to others as they will reject your offer?
Manjeet Singh said…
Firstly, I salute you for this act of kindness. More than that -existence has also recorded this act. Gerry Sir, you are moving to NEXT LEVEL. You suffered earlier because you wanted to establish yourself. Maybe you never bothered giving lift. Now, moving to next level also brings pain. Your concern is not self but others. I find this esoteric. This is the pain of achievers. One believes that “If I achieve –this- means over”. But it becomes insipid the moment you reach. Success of self becomes insignificant. But the moment you reach final destination, one realizes that “what about others?” And that is the greatest challenge -also, the risk of getting devoured -to bring others at par.
Manjeet Singh said…
Two points to ponder. One: It is only people like you who can see that the other needs help (auto). In society, many people take auto from society gate but they are not aware about other person waiting for the same. Two: It is only people like you who can have courage to take back the auto to accommodate other (others?) and I believe that also free of cost! It’s amazing that such noble acts are not accepted by people (society).
Manjeet Singh said…
Gerry Sir, when I analyse your transaction, all parts are okay. Your story supports that. One: GIVER has values imbibed in him. So he acts accordingly. Two: There is nothing wrong in act of GIVING. All scriptures have praised it. Three: we find fault in RECEIVER. But as per your story he is also bound with the pattern (in your case, she!). Maybe he doesn't have trust. Maybe he feels he will be unable to repay back. Maybe he wants to be alone. Maybe he is not aware that he has refused and hurt someone. Maybe he doesn't have courage to say yes. So you are right that everything boils down to “VALUES”.
Manjeet Singh said…
Gerry Sir, I was simply validating your experience. But I would also like to add my signature style story. Please accept it.
In foreign country, someone named Harry wanted to visit India. He wanted “gyan” from Mansukh Baba. So, appointment was fixed and the foreigner was in ashram! Intimate talks were going on between master and disciples.
Harry is waiting for his turn. Almost two hours are over and nobody is communicating with him. Now, Harry is feeling embarrassed and humiliated. Harry intervenes “Sir, I have come from upcountry and I am waiting for my turn”. Master replies “I know.” Harry is nervous. He feels that Indian people do not have culture of hospitality.
After few minutes, Harry gathers courage and questions master directly “Sir, I am here to learn the art of living?” Master stares in Harry’s eyes and there is silence. Babaji orders “Harry, go out and say sorry to your shoes outside the door and also do namaskar to slippers lying next to your shoes.” Harry realizes that Indian Masters are crazy. He watches around and goes out but never to come back again.
Manjeet Singh said…
... [Part2]
After few months Harry writes a letter to the Master...
Respected Master, Namaskar,
I am sorry that I left your ashram without intimating. Actually, I found very absurd about the act of saying sorry to my shoes & other nearby slippers. However, this statement kept hitting me daily. I kept pondering “Why I was told to do this non-sense act?” Now, I have realized its essence. After introspection, I found that I had removed my shoes fiercely outside the ashram door. And I also recollected that while coming out of ashram, my shoes were overlapping other slippers. Today, I can decipher your message. To live rightly, I have to start with shoes, I mean with non-living things. I should have compassion for them. And it is easy to show compassion in such case, as we don’t expect anything in return. How can stone or river repay us if we do something good for them? Same is with dog and he cannot refuse my favours. There is no choice. But, it is difficult to show compassion with humans. He can refuse, reject and even rebel. It is his choice to accept my compassion, love. That same person can blame, defame, or even be against and kill me. Secondly, I have my expectations from people that something will come in return. Or at least my compassion will be acknowledged.
I understood that to show compassion towards man is a tough job. So, you gave me the lesson that I should start compassion with non-living things. Once I get used to it than it will be easy for me to divert this emotion towards my colleagues. Your message is profound. You are great my master.
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hi Manjeet sir, six comments! My eyes couldn't believe it! Well, all that I can say is that: the floodgates have opened in your case. That's is what I always wished; you have a gift of expression; you just need a 'trigger'. I am glad, that in my post, you found that trigger. Do keep writing; I want to see your personal blog activated.

The story of Harry and his master conveyed the profound meaning. It fits well in the context of my situation. I read it again and again. Also, I must tell this again: the monk's story was told to us by you here in the classroom. One never knows, when these sories come to life!

Thanks again, and hoping to read more from your end.

Manjeet Singh said…
Gerry Sir, since few days I had been also going through such EXPERIENCES. Synchronicity! Picture was clear. But EXPRESSION was not there. It took 5 hours to write my comments. And I think almost 3 hours to create Harry's story. Still many words remain hidden in me and between the lines! In fact I was myself reading this story again and again as it was getting unfolded. Ah! It’s so mystical. It has nourished me.
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Yes Manjeet sir, all that we want to express is very much there inside us... We should only trust the process and keep flowing. I, once again, urge you to 'be availalbe' for this process. May I say that is your 'dharma'?



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