Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"Pain comes from fear. Fear comes from ignorance." I heard someone saying this.

Am I 'ignorant'?

Oh, yes... in so many areas of my life. And, I believe, each and everyone has his own areas. Each and every one has problems handling those areas... the areas of anxiety and fear... and, thus, of pain.

Just this morning, a solicitor I know spent at least half-an-hour talking to me. His teenager-son is in twelfth-standard science. He has been enrolled in one of the best coaching classes, with the hope that he would pursue engineering. Now, it is November. The young man has failed in five subjects. Both, the college and the coaching class, have asked the parents to see them about the son. Another thirty thousand is paid to a new tutor just to bail the son out in maths! Still, the things are going down the hill, with no hope whatsoever... The father is worried, frustrated and angry.

"Can you please talk to him, in your own way. I hope, he would listen to you," he pleaded. "But, don't tell him I told you to."

I knew the young man, and so, I assured the father that I would certainly make an attempt.

I saw an instant relief on the Solicitor's face!

We were about to part our ways, and I asked him about a property matter. For some time, I had been worrying about the matter, without knowing how to go about it. Many people had given many opinions... and , all these seemed to add to my confusion. So, this morning, when I asked the solicitor instinctively, he was more than willing to advise me. He did it for the next fifteen minutes, all free of charge... and on the roadside!

I experienced the relief in my heart.

Pain is always a discomfort we sense whenever we find ourselves in some tight situations. To me, it was the property matter; to my solicitor-friend, it was his teenager-son's growth. Both had difficulty handling our issues, both needed each other's help.

Were we both 'ignorant'?

No so long as we 'knew' we were helpless... that we were 'humans' and we needed a helping hand.

Fear is a friend... It is okay to be afraid, sometimes, somewhere.



Savita said...

Sir, I really liked this 2 people giving a helping hand .

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Hi Savita, felt good reading our comment. You know, no matter how good we are in our respective field,we still need a helping hand... I consider, that realisation is 'wisdom'. Love to all at home.