Friday, November 13, 2009


Often, I wonder: What it takes to keep faith in life, while things around us - our very life - seem crumbling?

It is tough to be hopeful, tough to be optimistic when we are faced with terrible personal crisis. Bitterness and cynicism seem to be natural... We tend to give up.

Almost a year has passed since the terror attack in Mumbai. The life in Mumbai is the classic example for the 'bounce-back spirit' needed to survive, and move on. It is the collective voice of humanity: "Let nothing bog us down; nothing!"

Mr. Kanga, the General Manager of The Taj Hotels and Towers, was 40 when the terror strike took away from him his wife and two little sons... his entire family, that was. On the one side, you see your innocent family being destroyed; on the other hand, you , as the Captain of the ship, have to save others on board... What a dilemma! ... And just thinking about it, sends chills through my spine! That is the true call of duty... That is true faith in life... That is grit. The true one.

Today's TOI carries an interview with Mr. Kanga. "Life is a roller coaster, with many ups and down," this remarkable man says. "Important thing in life is not to lose faith and hope."

My problems are nothing compared to what Mr. Kanga had to face. Still, my problems, often, intimidate me... I find myself bitter and cynical. Mr. Kanga's life is the beacon of hope for people like me... who are lost in the tunnel.

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