Monday, November 2, 2009


It seems, our world is going to end in 2012!

I thought I should bring about at least one change in me before the doom comes. Yes, at least one.

Now, which one is that?

For fifty-one long years, I have worried about all sorts of things. Nothing of those things - the things I had feared - have come to pass... I have survived! Now, they say the doom is really approaching... just three years away from our doorsteps! I thought, if every thing is going to go in tsunami, inferno or tremor - whatever that is - why should I worry at all? At least, three years are left to enjoy this life. Yes, THREE LONG YEARS! Let me bring about, at least, one change in me before I go... we all go.

Suddenly, it hits me, again, that to enjoy life, I must learn to take things a little lightly. I must learn to laugh a little more... laugh at myself... not to take things - events, situations, comments, arguments and everything else too seriously. I must learn to let go my need to control, the need to be appreciated, agreed to, even respected and adored. Yes, all these things had been destroying my ability to savour life, for all these years. Now, if I don't do something about this, I will not even get these last three years!

How shall I bring about this change?

The world did not end though some things went wrong in my life. The world did not end though some people criticised me, disagreed with me, abused me. The world did not end though some life-events came harsh on me. No, the world has not ended; I have survived.

So, I think, it is time I did something different. When others enjoyed life, I was worrying. Now, when they worry, let me enjoy...

I deserve these three years, at least.

2012 is just a metaphor for me. That unless I do something about my old,worrying habit, the doom is just a few steps from my door. Something, inside me, guides me to see this truth...

I strongly feel, as I write this, that the world WILL end. The world of my gloom and doom!

Long live the prophets and the soothsayers!


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