Monday, December 5, 2011


London must be the land of young hearts!

Yesterday, the evergreen hero of Bollywood, Dev Anand,

Passed away there…

He was just 88!

Some months ago, the legendary painter, M.F. Husain,

Too died there.

He was only 95!

And, both these maestros lived like teens

Till they gave out their last breath…

They dreamed big dreams… young and childlike dreams;

They loved life… the bright and vibrant side of it;

Their hearts remained tender, romantic

And untouched by the weariness of the passing time…

Yes, Dev Anand and M.F. Husain,

Both, died with twinkle in their eyes,

Boots on their feet…

And romance in their hearts!

And, they, both, died in London…

The land of young hearts.

Age is only in the mind…

Age is only for the body…

The mind becomes tired and the body gets wrinkles…

But, the heart – the heart of a zestful soul –

Plays forever like the little kids do,

Sings forever the way the teens do.

My heart doesn’t age…

If it did, the golden rainbows would have long stopped

Looming over my heart,

The autumn leaves would’ve long ceased

To cause a blaze of longing in my heart;

I wouldn’t have looked at the crescent moon and cried the way I do;

When the evening breeze dances over my shoulders,

I wouldn’t have heard these lovely songs and felt so, so good.

If the heart got wrinkles,

My laughter would’ve been bereft of all joy,

My eyes would’ve been sad and resigned…

If my heart had aged,

The rain would’ve been only rain…

And not this Dance of Gods that I am able to still witness, now!

My heart still longs for the warmth of an angel,

Still dreams to build those castles in the air,

Still makes a promise to fill the night of my beholder

With the twinkle of a trillion silver stars!

My heart still skips some beats…

It still ebbs as the moon moves by…

Still longs…

Still dreams…

Still believes in a promise.

Yes, when that day comes,

Like the legends who died in London,

My heart still hopes to die

Forever remaining young...

And, leave behind this legacy of love!




Loved it, sir!!!


Gerald D'Cunha said...

I loved writing it too, Vivek!

Only young and vibrant things belong to the heart...

Let's remain young, romantic!




Girish Dhameja said...

Devanand rightly said that if one retires at 60 yrs he will die at 65. He retired with his last breath. Kudos to him. Brave, jovial, dynamic, stylist, majestic Might be the right words for Mr Dev Anand. An era has come to an end. He is not dead he is alive in our hearts.

Today when i see Dravid, Laxman and Tendulkar still playing Cricket and are like rock solid i wonder what kind of determination is this.

We become old when we start thinking old. Hope we all can run marathon like Mr Fauja Singh.

Dr. Shalini Menda said...

Gerry, there are two hearts in all of us: the heart that a Doc like me treats... and the heart that a Poet like u feels!

Good! we need each other... for the heart to be what it is!

Thank you for this moon-light rendering!!

Dr. Shalini Menda

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Hi Girish, wondered where did my dear Girish disappear for so many days!!

Yup, sir. If you retire at 60, u will died at 65... In fact, those five years, u will live like a dead man!

These heroes do not have a word called 'retirement' in their Dictionary. Heart has no retirement age... It is forever young!

I would want to - in fact die to - write my love songs even on my death bed!


Thanks buddy...

Keep writing... and keep humming the love songs!

Love, SIR

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks u Doc for this lovely poem of urs!

Let me tell u, ma'am, you not only treat the heart the way u do, but u also treat it the way I do, too!

U have a feel... ur comment is the proof!