Friday, December 9, 2011


Jennifer, my cousin, was with us last night. We were at a family function in Thane. Jeninfer’s mom was my dad’s sister. And we were discussing, among many things, the problem called: Diabetes.

Jennifer’s mom, my aunt, had to suffer for many years due to diabetes. Three other sisters of my dad, too, had to go through it. Dad’s mom, my grand ma, too, succumbed to this ailment. What I found interesting was: Jennifer’s father’s brothers – almost all of them – lived a very healthy and prolonged life. One of them died at 98, another at 93… and one at 91. All of them, Jennifer informed us, remained quite active and alert till the end.

“There should be something meaningful in life... Something to look forward to, each morning,” Jennifer said. “When this zest goes, there is no reason to live. Death comes.”

Both my wife and I agreed.

Diabetes runs into my wife’s family too. My wife got it when she was 30. So, we know what it is and why ‘learning to living with diabetes’ is so important… We also know why it is so important to have that zest to get up each morning… and look for something meaningful to do… something to keep our mind, body and soul alert. Yes, Jennifer was right. When the meaning goes, when the zest goes… what is there to live for? And, even if you do, it is like living dead!

My wife had left home at 6, this morning, for her Yoga session. I had come to my office… and I can even feel that now – I was dying to write something, just dying!

I did write. I am still doing.

Incidentally, on my way, just outside my work place, I bumped into Mr. Sherlekar. As he does every morning, today, too he was taking out his pluffy dog for a walk. When I came close to him, the dog affectionately jumped on me and wanted me to caress him, which I did.

“What is his name sir,” I asked Mr. Sherlekar.

“Sunny,” he told me.

“Hi Sunny dear,” I ran my hand on Sunny’s head. He loved it; his wagging tail proved it!

“How many years sir, since retirement?” I asked Mr. Sherlekar.

“Twenty,” he told me.

“How is your health?” I inquired.

“Do I look sick?” he showed himself.

“No sir… You look very fit,” I felt I must tell quickly.

“Yes, I am diabetic,” Mr. Sherlekar said, “But, my Sunny takes care of that!”

I smiled.

“Wow! What a feeling that is!”

I told myself.

There is something to look for,

each morning…

Someone to pour my affection on…

Someone to whom I can wish,

each morning – “Good morning.”

And someone to whom I can whisper,

each night - “Goodnight, my love.”

“Please God, please,” I prayed, “Keep me alive this way.”



debbie said...

Each day is a new beginning to live our life better than yesterday. If we could feel this way- v could already be on the way to healing..............
Great , inspiring

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Debbie for the wonderful insight. Yes, as u say, 'each day is a new gateway for tomorrow... the way to healing'.

Keep reading...and keep giving insights. They help.

Thanks again...


KARUNA said...

Gerry, I like the simplicity with which u put forward your message. It leaves me speechless!

Keep blogging!



Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks u Karuna... Is not Life simple?

We make it complicated!

I am fascinated by the 'wayside'... the mundane!

Hope, u got it!


Ronaldo Vaz said...

Excellent write-up, sir... Very motivating. Keep it up!


Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thank u Ronaldo. Do read often.

Love, Sir

Jennifer said...

Well said, Gerry ! I particularly liked the prayer at the end.



Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Jennifer...

Very happy u read my posts...

Yes, Jennifer, what u said about ur uncles that night, was very profound!

Thanks for the spark...

Do keep giving me ur inputs. I value them.