I know it is not my business

To change you;

I know you detest my attempts

To change you…

And you hate me for that.

Still, I want you to change…

And I keep asking you to.

You explode, you sulk…

Then, you come back to

Hold me close and say,

“Dear, I am sorry.”

It makes me feel good, relieved…

And extremely cared for.

I promise you,

“Darling, you are so amazing!”

But, then, I wonder, again:

Why don’t you change?

Why do we have to go through

All this churning –

Traumatic, isolating and painful –

Only to be loving and tender again,

In the end?

Why don’t you change,

When I ask you to?

Tell me darling, why don’t you?

I still want you to change!

I still want to tell you:

Look, my mind

Is in love with a person…

And that is not you…

Though I keep telling you,

Every hour of the day –

“Honey, I love you! I love you!”

When you first came into my life,

I felt the softness of an angel’s feet

In my heart!

There was nothing wrong

About you…

Everything was perfect, heavenly!

I still remember whispering

In your heart,

Every night

Before I bid you goodnight:

“Sweetheart, you are the best thing

That has happened to me

In my life!”

And, now, I feel the trampling

Of a Dragon’s feet

As you keep resisting

What I try to do…

Everything about you

Is wrong, hellish…

Nothing is right. Nothing!

So, I want you to change…

Please do…

You better do…


I wonder:

Where did the Dragon hide

When you first walked in?

Where has the angel gone?

I know it is not my business

To change you…

Still, I want you to.

You are not the one

My mind sees…

The Dragon tells me;

You are, you are…

The angel sings!

Even the grass doesn’t bend

When an angel descends…

But, when a Dragon does,

The whole Earth trembles!

I still want you to change…

Even though I know

It is not my business

To change you.



Yash Sharma said…
Beautifull sir ........
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Thank u dear.

Glad u love these 'Love Songs'!

Just joking...

Keep reading, Yash.

Love, Sir
Gerry, it seems you have the Dragon by its neck!

Such amazing stuff, boy!

Gerald D'Cunha said…
Ma'am, I wonder if it is the Dragon by its neck or I am by by his feet!

Any ways, we know how the Dragons are... and how the Angels are!

Thanks for the comment,

Vikas Prajapati said…
Amazing sir..!
**Super Like**
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hey Vikas, finally!!!

Thanks for the comment...I am happy u loved it.

U know what... I loved it the most!!!

I like angels... as u too; but then what to do with these Dragons?

Keep reading and commenting

Love, Sir
Leena Oberoi said…
Dear Gerry,

I personally feel we can not be free from our innate need to see a change in another - particularly the one with whom I am in relationship. I have tried my best to do away with this need... but, then, like a recurring thirst, it keeps coming again... My heart longs to see a change in my partner.

But, yes, as you say so beautifully in your poem, he doesn't change... and, I keep wishing he did!

And, I remain with my miseries!

What is the solution, Dear Gerry?

Perhaps, it is hidden (like the Dragon ) somewhere between your lines!!!

I need to read it over and over again, I guess.

Thanks so much for this heart-stopping piece of writing!!!


Gerald D'Cunha said…
Hi Leena,

Thanks for ur response.

There is something striking about ur observation on the subject.

We normally do not bother about changing another person, unless we have an emotional bond with the person. I may spend my life time with a person, and I may be perfectly fine with all his/her habits and whatsoever... but, now, the moment I make a emotional connection - a relationship to make him/her 'somebody' in my life - then, the same habits may become my 'irritants'... I may now start pestering him/her: "I don't like them... Please drop; pl change..." and the other person may wonder: "Now, what happened?"

A large part of this is stemming from our human insecurities... All said and done, we are mortals!

The key lies, in my view, in our ability to 'see' this happening in us. The clearer we see, the better.

The suffering is always optional... If it is my problem, then, I better become aware of my change... Yes, the other person's change is his business... Not mine. At best, I may keep telling him/her how I feel about it.

If I really can not stand him/her - I have a choice: To drop him/her or to drop my thinking.

Life is all about cleaning our own windows, Leena...

The world will be beautiful, then!

Anonymous said…
But, sir, is it not natural for us to expect change in those we love? What about the bad habits? Should we not demand they be dropped?

I am confused. Pl help.

.. Sheetal
Gerald D'Cunha said…
Dear Sheetal, yes, it IS very natural.

I still do it... as you do. I have not succeeded in changing those who I love. Have u, Sheetal?

I have been angry with the ones who tried to do with me. What about u Sheetal?

It is okay if u are confused. Be in touch with what is happening 'inside'.... the 'outside' will fall in place.

Love, Sir

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