Friday, December 9, 2011


“What goes around, comes around.”

Well, does it?

More than twenty years ago. I had just started THE DAWN CLUB. I was 30… and single. I was so full of enthusiasm and zest. One of the activities of our Club, in those days, was organizing Blood Donation camps. And, since my world was surrounded with young college students, it was easy for me to organize those camps. The young ones would always come forward, with lots if excitement, to donate blood during those camps.

I would receive many a times frantic calls, during even odd hours, from people who needed blood; I would make just a few phone calls, and things would happen.

I still remember the faces of those people... How grateful they were!

This was years ago. As the years rolled by, we slowed down on this activity… and, eventually, we completely stopped it.

Last week, when my dad-in-law was in the hospital, there was an emergency. My wife called me up, “Can you do something, it is urgent.”

My friend, Ashok, normally doesn’t come to visit me at that time as he knows my schedule pretty well. But, when my wife’s phone call came, he was there already present in my office. When he heard about it, he immediately called his friend, Shekhar who was 'A' Positive.

“Give the phone to sir,” Shekhar informed Ashok form the other end.

“Thank you, Shekhar,” I said, a lot overwhelmed.

“Nine bottles, sir… Nine bottles!” Shekhar said. “We wanted so many, twenty years ago… and, you had helped us.”

Yes, it was for his Boss’s wife who was critical… It was twenty years ago!

The next morning, sharp at 10,

Shekhar arrived at the hospital.

I did not have to remind him

for that…

Only had to press his hands and say,

“Thank you Shekhar…

It means the world to me!”

“What goes around, comes around.”

Well, does it?

Yes. It does.



Anonymous said...

Gerald, what I was impressed about was: you have simply given one very, day-to-day episode to make your point: "It does".


Gerald D'Cunha said...

Hi Friend, yes, that one instance was enough to re-affirm my faith in the Law of 'What goes around...".

We do not have to wait for a 'Big Bang' to happen... you see.




Dear Sir,

Your article on “What Goes Round , Comes Round - It’s very sweet of you to write about Shekar .

Hope things are great at your end.

Just to add few words to your title:- WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND

The love , care and encouragement that you have given your students , I'm sure they all love you and have

very high regards for you. You have made a great impact on their lives and they still look up to you , even after years have gone by.



Gerald D'Cunha said...

Hey Andrea, what a pleasant surprise!
Honestly, I don't chek my mails on that id. last night, my wife happended to open that and I was shocked to see thousands of mails I hadn't read over the years!

Pl forgive me for that.

I have posted ur comment on my blog. and now replying.

Thanks for encouraging me. All well at home? Kids?

I urge u to keep reading my posts and comment on blog itself.

Note this id as well:


Sudha said...

It is important you think good, do good for yourself & others coz that is true "What goes around, comes round, back to you one day"