Monday, January 23, 2012


Every day is a new day;
It comes with new challenges to deal with.
And, it comes with new opportunities
To learn and grow…
To become wiser, finer and stronger in life.

Hence, there are no problems, no troubles in life…
There are only opportunities
To become fine human beings.
I must thank God for my daily troubles –
For the wonderful opportunities
That He serves me, each day.

I, therefore, ask God
Not for a day without problems,
But for the wisdom and strength to deal with them…
So that I can build a mind of steel and a soul of gold.

This morning, my friend, Soniya,  forwarded
This inspiring message to me:

“Life is like 
Playing chess with God.
After your every move,
He makes the next move…
Your moves are called ‘Choices’…
His moves are called ‘Challenges’.

       Today, God has sent me many opportunities…
       “Thank You, Lord. Thank you.”


The image used in this Post is by Ashok Ahuja. He is a professional Photographer and a very dear friend of mine. He is also one of the founder members of The Dawn Club, and, along with his gifted-artist wife, Sudha, has been helping me, and the Club, right from its inception.


Vikas Prajapati said...

Thank you sir,

Now i got more strength and confidence to deal with my challenges at my work.

Anonymous said...

Sir life really is full of opportunities definitely provided by GOD...only we have to make the right "CHOICES"... to face every day "CHALLENGES"..

Regards Soniya.

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Happy Vikas... we do need that strength.



Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Soniya for sending that inspiring message, last morning... It helped me to write this beautiful post!

Keep helping..