Saturday, January 28, 2012


Mind is weak…
And, it loses faith in the goodness
Of other people,
And fast.

At one moment,
My mind makes me feel secure
Just by a passing thought of a loved one…
But, the next moment,
Just a skipped call
Could make my mind feel very lost and lonely…

Am I lost and lonely
Because I did not hear my loved-one’s voice?
Or, is it because I did not hear my own?

Every time I tell my loved-one,
“Dear, I care for you”,
I do get the reply,
“Yes dear, I care for you, too.”

Now, the deal is done…
I have promised to care for you,
And you have done the same to me…
Yes, it looks like the pact is sealed…
And we shall be forever floating
Among the lovely stars in the skies.

But then, we are on this trembling ground…
Still unable to comprehend
The depth of that promise
We just made to each other:
“Dear, I care for you”!
I keep asking you – “Do you still love me?”
And, you keep asking me – “What about you?”

Mind is weak… 

Love and care doesn’t look like 

A job of this mind…

No, it is incapable 

Of loving and caring.

I prayed to God, just this morning, once again:
“Lord, help me how to love another…
Even when I do not hear
That sublime voice from the other end,
For days and days together…
Help me hear my own:
That, I care and love myself enough…
Yes, enough to do the same for another.”

Mind broods…
Heart rejoices.
If I am not secure in my own heart,
I shall only be caged in another’s!


The image used in this Post is by Ashok Ahuja. He is a professional Photographer and a very dear friend of mine. He is also one of the founder members of The Dawn Club, and, along with his gifted-artist wife, Sudha, has been helping me, and the Club, right from its inception.


Varna Reddy said...

Too good, too true!!!

Thanx so much...

Need more of this!!!

. Varna

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Varna... Glad u liked it.