Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I had taught Yashoda about thirty-one years ago. She was in Eleventh standard. After that, there was no contact.

About a year ago, the students from this batch had invited me to attend a re-union, which I did. I was there for some time and caught up with so many of my first-batch students. I had also carried with me about hundred copies of my book,‘Vaachas Chame’, and had asked the organizers to distribute the copies to each one present. I had blogged after some months saying that, even though the book carried my telephone numbers, e-mail and Blog details, none of the recipients had communicated with me. So, I had no clue whether they had received those copies or not. But then, it was okay. I had given those copies with no strings attached… And, if I really meant so, I had no business to expect any communication.

Two days back, I was in train on my way back from Mangalore. I received this phone call. “Sir, I was one of your students from 1981-82 batch; my name is Yashoda… I don’t think you remember me.” 

I really did not. 

Yashoda told me, that night, that she had missed me on the re-union day as she had come after I had left. 

“Sir, I feel so relieved now; I did not know how to approach you after so many years,” Yashoda told me. “But, you are our same-old Gerry sir… You make me feel so comfortable.”

I felt good to hear that. Here was someone, miles afar, talking to me after more than three decades… and, she  was saying she felt comfortable talking to me! I felt great!

“Sir, the reason I called you today is to thank you,” Yashoda told me. “Thank you for the wonderful book you gave us – ‘Vaachas Chame’.” She continued, “Sir, I want to tell you this: from the day my husband, Kumar, saw this book, he has not kept that aside… So many times he has read it, and still reads it.”

I was feeling not only great, but also a lot pampered!

“Is he there around, Yashoda?” I asked.

“Very much here sir; speak to him,” Yashoda gave the phone to her hubby.

“Hey Kumar, what am I hearing?” I started.

“Sir, I always wanted to call you and thank you,” Kumar said. “So many times I told Yashoda to call up, introduce me to you… But, she was a lot scared to do so.” He continued, “Finally, I couldn’t wait anymore, sir. I told her that it is New Year, and we must call up sir and say ‘thank you’…”

By then, I must have received not less than two hundred messages wishing me a happy New Year. But, no one had wished me the way this couple had. It was something that could come only from a real, real longing of hearts. It really made me feel happy… It gave me hope that what I was walking into was not just one more year… Instead, it was one more opportunity to touch lives…

It was late night. 
It was dark outside. 
The train moved incredibly fast
through this dark night… 
I just sat looking into the darkness… 
and still being able to see a lot…

The eyes only stared into the darkness. The heart saw!


The image used in this Post is by Ashok Ahuja. He is a professional Photographer and a very dear friend of mine. He is also one of the founder members of The Dawn Club, and, along with his gifted-artist wife, Sudha, has been helping me, and the Club, right from its inception.



ARPITA said...

Gerald, this article has simplicity at its best! I am amazed!

With gratitude,

= Arpita

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Good that I do not have a web cam attached to my PC else you would have noticed the two tear drops while writing this comment!! I can never imagine a simple conversation can be turned into an article which touches ones heart!


Gerald D'Cunha said...

Thanks Arpita... Yes, the greatest truths are the simplest!



Gerald D'Cunha said...

Hi Kumar, yes, all my writings come from simple things around...

I am glad this post has touched u...

As what u said that night did to me...

Pl be in touch... reading and commenting.




Dear Sir,
good 1, it was short , sweet and touching :) ....dont worry sir, after i pass out from ur batch...ill call u ....but dont forget me....then you should right a blog on me 2 :P

Gerald D'Cunha said...

Oh, sure, I will, Aanchal.

But, then why wait... I can write a Blog on u right now!

Shall I?


Love, SIR