Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Pic.: Bhushan Thakkar

Like the proverbial two sets of teeth of an elephant – one for eating and the other for showing - I think, each one of us has two different sets of speech: one for our home, and the other for the world!

Generally, the world is unaware of the quality of our speech at home: how we speak to our own nearest and dearest people… The world calls us cultured or uncultured – well-brought-up or badly brought-up – generally on the basis of how we present ourselves before it, how we speak ‘outside’!

It is said, that our speech is the refection of our inner character… It is, also, said that our character is what we are in the dark…

So, who – other than our nearest and dearest ones at home - know our dark side? Who have seen, heard and felt the effects of our dark side?

Today is the festival of ‘Makar Sankranti’. Early morning, my wife lovingly teased me with the famous Maharashtrian greetings: “Tilgul ghya… god, god bola”… Then, she added with a mischief: “So, you have something to write about, today… Haven’t you, dear?”

Oh, yes, yes, yes…

My ‘showing speech’ is very polished… Fantastic!

It is my ‘eating speech’ that I need to polish a lot, in deed…

And, yes, who knows this truth best?

Happy Makar Sankranti to all of you… “Tilgul ghya… god, god bola.”



Sheela N. said...

You have conveyed so beautifully so much in such a simple episode!
- Sheela N.

Anonymous said...

Tilgul ghya ani god, god bola. Vasanti Jayaram

Brijesh Gulati said...

Sweet article!........... Brijesh

Anonymous said...

Always inspiring - Punit Desai